Back to school, controversy over the statements of the Minister Bianchi

Back to school, today 12 September, for students from seven Italian regions. The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchispoke to the microphones of Rainews 24 to wish a good school year 2022/23. The words of the minister (now outgoing) did not go unnoticed, so much so as to arouse the reactions of the school world.

Bianchi on the start of the 2022/23 school year: ‘No ballet of substitutes’

‘I think the unions have launched a provocation to bring the school back to the center of attention. We have worked to make the substitutes before the first of September not after as it used to be – said Minister Bianchi – there is no one ballet of the substitutes: we have 801 thousand teachers and 91 thousand of these are support teachers notwithstandingthat is teachers who support children in difficulty and are called ‘in derogation’ because they have to be done year by year ‘.

The minister then recalled the ’25 thousand teachers who are concluding the competition. We we did 7 competitions in a year and a half, we hired 61 thousand teachers last year, 50 thousand plus 25 thousand we will hire by the end of the year and then the commitment with Europe is to hire another 70 thousand for next year. There is no problem with professorships – adds Bianchi – there are 40-44 thousand substitutes or 5% of the total, they are teachers who cover the natural and necessary situations of those on sick leave, maternity leave or other political and trade union activities’.

Tuzi (M5S) replies to Minister Bianchi: ‘Other than returning to normal, we are in chaos’

The leader of the M5S in the Culture and Education Committee of Montecitorio, Manuel Tuzipromptly replied: ‘The Minister of Education Bianchi today he congratulated the students, forgetting that most of them found themselves without teachers and with short-time lessons. Only a few days ago the minister had declared that there would be no problems for the recruitment of teachers, but reality tells us another story: there are thousands of vacant chairs, six thousand in Lazio alone. in addition, there are several reports of errors in the rankings.

It was predictable – Tuzi underlines – and nothing has been done. The award criteria must be reviewed, but in the meantime it could be extended the organic covid. But first of all, the current minister must be brought back to reality, who continues to say that everything is fine talking about ‘provocations‘when someone points out to him that it is the opposite: this school year should have been that of the return to normalcy, instead we are at first day of school with a chaotic situation that puts the entire school community in extreme difficulty: headmasters, precarious teachers who have to move, families struggling with their children’s reduced hours. As MoVimento we will do everything to remedy this situation as soon as possible, the school must be at the center of the policies of every government ‘.

Giannelli: ‘The first problem is that there aren’t all the teachers there should be’

The president ofANP, Antonello Giannellispoke this morning at Coffee Break, live on La7: ‘The criticalities of school they are always the same – said the leader of the National Association of principals – With the Covid emergency set aside, the same problems remain. The first is that there are not all teachers that there should be. The minister is committed, but it is the mechanism that does not work. About a quarter of all teachers are precarious, and this is due to the mechanism of centralized competitions. In all other countries, hiring is handled by schools, and these problems do not exist. We, for ideological reasons, do not want to implement this mechanism, but it is the only solution, otherwise the problem will never be solved ‘.

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