Bar Association: several Bolivarians participated in the year

“For a 2023 where we can work together to achieve everything we want from our profession.” Those were the wishes of the president of the Departmental Bar AssociationDr. María Fernanda Giménez who, accompanied by the management team, thanked the presence of the enrollees who participated in the end-of-year toast held at the CAA headquarters at Av. Perón 514.

On December 30, the departmental end-of-year toast was held at the CAA headquarters There, the president of the College, Maria Fernanda Gimenezwas accompanied by the first vice-president Magdalena Mauhourat, the second vice-president Marcelo Bianco, secretary Leandro Prat, pro-secretary Romina Maineri, treasurer Maria Paz Cordeviola, pro-treasurer Paolo Manzo and advisers Melisa Del Valle, Daniela Gatti, Mauro Grandicelli, Alejandro Olivera, Miriam Porta .

At the opening of the meeting, Dr. Marcelo Bianco was in charge of the presentation of Dr. Mario Ibargoyen, a native of the town of Rauch, who shared with those present some reflections on his book “El otro Colegio”.

In this context, he stressed his gratitude for the institutional support that was provided by the College and also stated that many Olympians who are part of the stories are today on the board of directors: “This is a book based on shared experiences and It precisely has many of its protagonists here present, who are first-wave Olympians and are part of the management, from the presidency down.

On the other hand, the Dr. Ibargoyen He stated that the book “is a tribute and recognition to each one of the extraordinary colleagues that I have had to meet on this journey, so I am extremely pleased to have been able to put our experiences in writing so that they do not remain mere comments or oral anecdotes.” .

And he ended by emphasizing: “this has no literary pretense but it is a compendium of values ​​and feelings because this is what emerges from each story.” Immediately afterwards, the awards were given to the teams that were victorious in the different disciplines of the 45th Sports Days that took place in the town of Mar del Plata.

Within this framework, the following were awarded: 2nd place in Team Pool, 2nd place in Individual Pool and 1st place in Team Pool; 1st place in free men’s paddle tennis, 1st place in paddle ball, 2nd place in individual bowling, 2nd place in men’s volleyball and 1st and 2nd place in women’s individual marathon.

At the end, Dr. Gimenez expressed her gratitude to those present, the management team and the CAA staff for their predisposition and support. Likewise, she stated: “the truth is that I am very excited that the library is again full of people, it is beautiful to be here and share a moment of meeting with you.”

The president of the CAA expressed her wishes for the coming year: “Perhaps 2022 was a bit complex because only 6 months of management took place, but next year will be a full year, a year of hard work where what My wish is that we have a united legal profession without cracks, because in reality as a College we work as a union and we do it in pursuit of our benefits, so today I toast with you to a 2023 where we can work together to achieve everything we want from our profession. ”.

Bar Association: several Bolivarians participated in the year-end toast – Diario La Mañana