BARBANIA – The new area of ​​the “Audo Gianotti” Primary School, in via Caudana in Barbania, was inaugurated on the morning of Saturday 12 November 2022, after the seismic adaptation and expansion of the refectory and the multipurpose room.

A beautiful ceremony that involved the students, the Banda di Barbania and the Rem Bu Kan of Rivarolo. The ceremony followed a full-bodied lineup, with opening by the band, followed by greetings and the spectacle of the students, official speeches, the ribbon cutting with the visit to the school, the award ceremony of the athletes in the gym (Enrico Scattolini who gave six practicing Paraciclismo obtaining excellent results, and Riccardo Carlino among the athletes protagonists in the European Karate Championships) and the visit to the exhibition with photographs taken since the birth of the school building.

“The inauguration of a school building is always an important moment for the community that lives around it – said Mayor Giuseppe Drovetti – because it means trust and investment in the future, planning in terms of cultural and civil development. The project was started by the previous administration and we carried out and integrated with various changes agreed in particular with the technicians of the region. “

The school building consisted of two blocks: the first dating back to the 60s and the second to the 80s, this is the second extension of the building. Both buildings have been secured from a seismic point of view. The works carried out consisted of the expansion of the building with the construction of a canteen and kitchen on the first floor and the extension of the gym on the ground floor. The total amount of the work is about 500 thousand euros, of which 400 thousand financed with a contribution relating to the arrangement of school buildings and the rest, about 100 thousand euros, with municipal funds. The work lasted about two years.

“I thank the Headmaster, the teachers and the pupils for the patience and willingness shown in these two years and for having endured the period of moving to other premises. I also thank them for putting up with the new energy efficiency works started in recent days, financed with funds from the PNRR, for which I thank the Piedmont Region. The works consist in the replacement of the current methane boiler with a new hybrid heat pump running on electricity and methane, in the installation of photovoltaic panels with relative storage batteries, in the replacement of all the lighting equipment and all the radiators. I reassure the teachers because the work inside the classrooms will be carried out during the Christmas holidays and therefore there will be no inconvenience or days of suspension of lessons. “

Present at the ceremony several administrators of the Municipalities of Rivarossa, Front, San Francesco al Campo, Ciriè, Rivara, San Carlo and Corio and representatives of the Piedmont Region (Councilor Andrea Tronzano and Councilors Claudio Leone, Gianluca Gavazza and Mauro Fava) in addition to former parliamentarian Francesca Bonomo.

“When an administration invests in the school, it invests in the future, – commented Gianluca Gavazza, Regional Councilor – these young people have two great figures: the school and the family. The family educates, the school educates. When this is clear, the future is cleared. “

“The school today – added Cosma Enea, Headmaster – must lead towards the rediscovery of the values ​​of all time that have lost some importance in recent years: the concept of solidarity based on the coexistence of different cultures, the rediscovery of the fundamental value of knowledge, of the need to accept the challenge of progress. Dear children, we officially give you a safer school, newly expanded, colorful and with state-of-the-art technological equipment. We are here to symbolically witness the launch of our training ship, which will be a first means of navigating the seas of knowledge, giving you the opportunity, with the help of the crew, to draw on knowledge and skills at will. “

“That this inauguration represents the beginning of other interventions on many schools in the area, – said the Regional Councilor Mauro Fava – my commitment as that of the entire Piedmont Region will always be at the forefront to secure, retrain and renovate with energy efficiency the schools of Piedmont. “

BARBANIA – Inauguration of the new extension of the Primary School “Audo Gianotti” (PHOTO)