Béziers: the Samuel

Due to the shortage of some raw materials, the construction site has been delayed but is on track. It could be finished by All Saints’ Day.

With the buildings now all out of the ground, the Samuel-Paty school group in the heart of the La Devèze district is taking shape. In fact, four buildings are under construction on the 4,500 m² of land where housing blocks have been destroyed as part of the renovation of the district.

A first, on two floors, will accommodate the four districts of the national education of Béziers, which will therefore be essentially administrative offices. The second is intended for the school doctor who is currently based at the neighboring Oliviers school and who shines on the greater Biterrois. The third will be the school restaurant with a room for kindergarten children, another for elementary school with an office to accommodate meal deliveries and the boiler room in the basement.

Finally, on the largest part, the elementary school. With, in the lower part, the nine primary classes and in the upper part, the six kindergarten. With two separate courtyards in the center, seven meters of height difference separate them. A vegetated step will separate them. For the two schools, the same principle: a corridor that runs on the street side with the concrete wall and wooden parquet, warm, on the ground; glazed classrooms that overlook the courtyards. So very bright.

A pilot school

“The school was designed as an old farmhouseexplains Gilles Étienne, the Director of Buildings for the City. With the exterior walls, three facades for the school, which hold the public space. The walls are in concrete tinted in the mass of ocher color, fine sandblasted except without their central part to bring a nuance. The roof is steel. We favored a natural spirit with unprocessed materials, considering that in the classrooms there are often already a lot of colors.”

“The building has a multi-purpose roomexplains Alberte Frey, the assistant in charge of the school. It will be open to the neighborhood. It was a wish of the mayor for the associations. There is also, next to the entrance, a parent-child listening area. I held on to it.”

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“We have taken the full brunt of the Ukrainian crisisresumes Gilles Étienne. The delivery of certain materials was not made within the deadlines and we had, in addition, two defaulting companies. We had to relaunch the public markets.”

As a result, the school which was to open at the start of the school year in September will not open until the start of the school year in January. “We hope that the site will be finished for Toussaint, but out of caution we preferred to say January”adds the chosen one.

The project was estimated at €12.5 million with significant state participation within the framework of the ANRU. The revaluation, due to the international context, could see the sum increase a little. “It’s a big project for the City”confirms the Director of Buildings.

“It will be a pilot schoolspecifies Alberte Frey. We worked in partnership with national education. It will be an international and digital school.”

Béziers: the Samuel-Paty school will open at the start of the school year in January 2023 in La Devèze