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Black Friday Amazon 2022: backpacks for school —
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comes the Amazon Black Friday and with him the offerings for i best backpacks for school. There is something for all tastes and all levels, but there is only one common feature: discounts on the best-selling and trendy models for autumn 2022.

Below you will find a list of the backpacks most loved by students: colourful, roomy, equipped with a thousand pockets to quickly find everything you need and organize space effectively. So let’s see what are the 5 best backpacks for school on a special offer.


One very important thing that can come in handy when choosing your favorite objects: you are a student you can activate Amazon Prime Studentswhich allows you to purchase a subscription Amazon Prime for students at €24.95 a year instead of €49.90 a year.


Eastpak Padded Pak’r

Probably the most famous Eastpack backpack, built in nylon, with a large main compartment and a front zip pocket. The shoulder straps are adjustable to fit your needs. Available in 30 colours.

Puma Teamgoal 23 Backpack Core

Much cheaper and much sportier, it’s not as big as a traditional school backpack but it’s definitely more versatile. Among the features of this backpack:

  • Large main compartment with two-way zip
  • Large pocket with zip on the front
  • Mesh bottle holder on the right
  • Fabric handle on the top
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps

Eastpack Tutor

Extra-large and super versatile, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a backpack that’s good for school but can also be easily used – for example – for travel. It has a rubber grip and a very useful pc pocket. Very resistant, it is made of 100% nylon.

Invicta Trolley, Benin Eco-Material

A backpack, but also a trolley. If you don’t like carrying weights on your shoulder, and you’re looking for something that is also suitable for your free time, this backpack is absolutely perfect for you.

Feature that makes it unique: the sballs are completely hidden in the backrest with cross-over system: by anchoring the ribbons to the bar they are raised avoiding rubbing on the ground.

Seven Freethink Dance Party Backpack

Colorful, roomy, perfect for school and free time. The main feature – in addition to the padded shoulder straps and front pockets – is that it has some reflective inserts to always be visible, even at night. A curiosity: did you know that it also has a bottle holder and integrated USB?

What to buy during the Amazon Black Friday 2022:

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Tablet for taking notes and more: lighter than a laptop, tablets are the perfect tool for taking notes and studying in any situation.

Backpacks for the school: colorful, roomy, equipped with a thousand pockets to quickly find everything you need by organizing the space effectively.

Supplements for memory and concentration: a selection of natural supplements to combine with a healthy diet that can help you study better

But if your problem was tiredness why sleep less than necessary? Try with the supplements to sleep better and wake up more rested:

What is your study environment like? A perfect studio also depends on the environment. For this reason we have selected the best chairs for studying that help you maintain correct posture and desks more spacious for books, PCs and your other devices:

Thermal bottles and more: perfect at school, around with friends, at the gym.

The water bottle is now indispensable and helps us to limit the consumption of plastic bottles.

Are you a fan of gaming? Gaming accessories often have prohibitive prices but, thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday, you can buy them at the lowest price:

If you love gaming, here you will find the best video game offers to challenge your friends. What are you waiting for? Choose the game you prefer and take advantage of the discounts.

A great classic for notes: stationery items. Notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers but also colored highlighters, labels and markers to take school notes to the next level.

School kit: calculators, backpacks, notebooks and stationery. Everything you need, on offer

The essentials of beauty generation to always carry with you, to keep in your bag or school backpack, to take care of your skin and hair even when you’re away from home.

Cover for smartphones on offer. From the Samsung Galaxy S22 to iPhones

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Beauty must-haves to always carry with you, in your bag or school backpack: anti-pimple stick, a unique blush for cheeks, eyes and lips, a spray to hydrate your face on the fly and much more.

Black Friday Amazon 2022: the best backpacks for school |