Cagliari, scabies in a school: Fois art school closed. What is this disease and what are the symptoms

A high school was closed in Cagliari after a case of Scabies was reported: what is this disease and what causes it, what are the symptoms

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The headquarters of the Folso Fois Art High School from Cagliari was closed for a case of scabies in the complex of via Sant’Eusebio.

The decision of the mayor of Cagliari

The decision was taken by the mayor of Cagliari Paul Truzzuwhich, as reported by ‘L’Unione Sarda’, issued an ordinance after reporting by the executive Nicoletta Rossi on the presence of a case of disease caused by the skin parasite in the headquarters in via Sant’Eusebio.

The entire institute must be sanitized and the premises will be cleaned with steam at 100 degrees, to “limit the spread of ectoparasitosis”. Classes are suspended for Saturday 12 November and should resume regularly from next week.

ScabiesPhoto source: 123RF – Eraxion

Illustration of a scabies mite.

The precedents in Cagliari

Already in November 2021, other schools in Cagliari had been closed due to scabies alarm.

The Higher Education Institute “De Sanctis Deledda”Of Cagliari had been closed with an order signed by the deputy mayor Giorgio Angius for the sanitization of the premises in the headquarters in via Cornalias. The provision was made necessary following the reporting of the presence of scabies mite infestation in a class of the Institute.

The scabies alarm was triggered in November 2021 also at the classical high school “Siotto Pintor“. Also in that case the closure was ordered by order of the deputy mayor of Cagliari and following the request of the head teacher, Aldo Pillittu, for the presence of scabies mite infection in a class of the structure in Viale Trento.

What is scabies: symptoms and spread in Italy

As we read on the website of the Ministry of Healthwhich mentions the Ipasvi, scabies is an infestation due to a parasitic mite, lo Sarcoptes scabiei var. homini.

Its evolutionary cycle takes place entirely in humans: following mating, the adult male remains on the skin while the female lays her eggs under the skin surface, where she generally lives for 30 days. The active larvae emerge after 3-4 days and invade the surrounding skin, which appears red and raised.

The most common symptom is intense itching. Scabies, we read on the website of the Ministry of Health, precisely because of scratching it can “super-infect” the skinbut it remains one “trivial” pathologyfor which effective and low-cost drugs are available.

In the last decade (the text was published in 2015) in Italy there has been an increase in cases, probably due to the growing spread of travel to countries where the disease is more widespread. Factors favoring the spread of scabies are poor hygiene and community life. For example, the Ministry of Health reported, cases of scabies have been observed in nursing homes, dormitories and nursery schools.


Photo source: 123RF – Eraxion

Cagliari, scabies in a school: Fois art school closed. What is this disease and what are the symptoms