Carlos Restrepo Araujo School, winner of Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung Colombia awarded the VI version of Solve for Tomorrow (Solutions for the Future- 2022), where the CoolRoof project of the Carlos Restrepo Araujo school in Bosconia (Cesar) was the winner.

The project developed a modular temperature insulation panel system that seeks to reduce temperature conditions in classrooms by planting various types of plants, easily locating them on roofs and decks and turning them into natural barriers to temperature and various environmental conditions.

This idea, developed by students Ana María Charris, Nathaly Sierra and Luis Padilla, with the teaching accompaniment of Hernán Mojica Alvarado, It uses natural plants that function as a protective barrier against the sun, managing to reduce the high temperatures inside school classrooms and houses, improving the quality of life for the communities that inhabit them.

Since its launch in the country, Solve For Tomorrow has developed six versions, in which more than 21,000 students from 26 departments have participated of all country.

This year the call received 1,900 projects from 23 departments of the country, carried out by young people from public institutions from grades 9 to 11. The initiatives were classified into 6 thematic axes based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: reduction of inequalities; sustainable cities and communities; Gender equality, justice and peace; Innovation and sustainable consumption; Education, health and well-being, and the Environment.

Proyecto CoolRoof del colegio Carlos Restrepo Araujo en Bosconia (Cesar). Foto: Samsung.

A team of four judges, made up of Jerónima Sandino, a specialist in educational innovation, inclusion and knowledge management; Doménico Barbato, CMO & CCO of Juan Valdez Café; Catalina Largacha, consultant for innovation in education at Educar para Innovar; and Juan David Aristizábal, entrepreneur, university professor and lecturer, selected 25 finalists who went on to a second stage. From this, the 5 finalist groups of educational institutions of Sucre (1), Cesar (2) and Antioquia (2) were selected, who played in the final.

Solutions for the Future invites young Colombian students to develop innovative projects that provide solutions to problems that are experienced in their communities, that are sustainable and scalable, but this is not a job that young people do alone.

“From Samsung Colombia we advise the teams with a group of mentors, specialized in various fields, with the purpose that these projects become real products with a real impact for their communities,” says Iván Laverde, manager of sustainability and relations with government in Samsung Colombia.

Motivations of the winning team

For Ana María Charris, one of the student members of the winning team, “the desperation of the community and from classmates is produced by the high temperatures in which we must receive classes daily. By lowering the temperature of living rooms and houses in an economical and environmentally friendly way, people’s quality of life will be improved by being in a cool and comfortable environment”.

“We were inspired by a moment in which, desperate due to the heat in the classroom, my classmates and I decided to go out and receive the class under the shade of a tree,” says Luis Padilla, a member of the team.

Samsung Colombia thanks all the participants and invites them to continue promoting from their communities, with their leadership and empowerment, the Solutions for the Future initiative.

Carlos Restrepo Araujo School, winner of Solve for Tomorrow