Citizens denounce the chaotic management of the regional government in Colegio Rey Juan Carlos I de La Unión

Citizens denounce the chaotic educational management practiced by the regional government of the PP, which has its greatest exponent in the Rey Juan Carlos I school in La Uniónwhere students have not received the planned prefabricated classrooms and a bus transports them every day to another center in the town, with the usual inconvenience for parents, risks due to transfers and loss of time for students.

In 2014 the PP regional government promised to build 12 classrooms intended for primary education, library, assembly hall, sports courts and other facilities, and has been breaking the promise ever since. Parents have been demonstrating ever since on what they call Black Mondays, and they have the support of the City Council, which has done its part and invested. Parents have even started a crowdfunding campaign.

In May 2022, the works for the second phase were awardedwith a lead time of 12 months, committing the regional government to the installation of prefabricated classrooms to temporarily welcome students from the third grade of Primary onwards.

The chaotic start of the course has also led to chaos in this educational center in La Unión. The prefabricated classrooms were inexplicably removed and started the course it is not yet known when they will be placed again.

The president of the AMPA of the Juan Carlos I school has conveyed to us the desperation and suffering of the fathers and mothers of the school due to the situation in which their children are. It is unjustifiable that the regional government of López Miras laughs at hundreds of families from La Unión who have been suffering neglect and lies for years about something as serious as the right to decent facilities and education for their children. We ask the City Council of La Unión to celebrate Black Mondays with the students, fathers and mothers until the situation is resolved, which belongs to the banana republic“, has declared Maria Jose Rosautonomous coordinator of Citizens in the Region of Murcia.

This year the chaos of educational management of the regional government is more palpable than ever, with an economic situation that parents can no longer bear. Citizens see it as very necessary to resume the free textbooks that he launched when he was in government and recover the super-reduced VAT of 4% for school supplies.

In this sense, Ciudadanos has registered an initiative in the Regional Assembly in which it asks the Murcian deputies to support measures to mitigate the effects of unleashed inflation this school yearWhat reduce VAT on school supplies from the general rate (21%) to the super-reduced rate (4%) during this school year, thus undoing the rise that Minister Montoro imposed in 2012as well as return to free textbooks that he already promoted when he governed the Region

It is in this year when recovering the super-reduced VAT for school supplies is necessary, when inflation is running rampant and when families can’t afford school fees. If the different deputies do not have this initiative for debate in the chamber or do not support it, they will not be defending equity in our educational system for the most vulnerable families”, concluded Ros.

Citizens denounce the chaotic management of the regional government in Colegio Rey Juan Carlos I de La Unión