City council, maneuver of 70 million. Criticism of cutting …

09/22/2022 – 08.54 – Joint meeting, yesterday morning, for the second, fourth and fifth municipal commission, for the illustration of the resolution relating to the budget change from 70 million by the councilor for the budget Everest Bertoli. “With this change, over 29 million euros are made available only for the capital account, which will allow investments to continue in favor of the territory and infrastructure of Trieste – he explained Bertoli -. Certain private contributions amount to a total of 46 million and concern two energy efficiency projects for both the municipal buildings and the public lighting system, which will allow, once the works have been completed, to obtain a reduction in electricity consumption by more than 70% “. There variationmoreover, it makes available to the sport facilities 2 million euros to complete the work already started. Of particular importance are the interventions in favor of schools, where the replacement of the furnishings (for which half a million euros is allocated) is foreseen with funds from the Municipality, to which are added regional contributions of 16 million euros and state contributions of 8 million, again over the three-year period. Then expected, among others, interventions in favor of the Civic Museums and in the context of the Cittadella dello Sportto which 4.7 million euros were allocated.

“More than a variation, it is a real balance sheet adjustment – highlighted Angela Brandi (FI) and it is therefore right that the three commissions were involved “. The force worker criticizes the lowering of funds to be allocated to the museum of the San Giusto school from 200 to 100 thousand euros. “I find it paradoxical that in a maneuver worth 70 million – so Brandi – it was not possible to find 100 thousand euros for the arrangement of an external lift preparatory to the opening of the museum itself”. Ready the reply of the commissioner Elisa Lodi, who underlined how “the junta has decided to allocate those 100 thousand euros to the rehabilitation of school ceilings. The 100 thousand missing for the school museum will be reinstated in the next variation “.

Giovanni’s comment is clear Barbel (Pd), which follows the intervention of colleague Brandi, always on the school environment. “This settlement certifies that the Municipality has lost important ministerial funding for schools: we are happy that the work is being done anyway, but the fact is that those resources in Trieste from Rome do not arrive, and this administration has not even had the capacity to agree on a different use “.

On the other hand, Luca’s considerations are more far-reaching Save yourself (Pd). “After a few months from the report of the feasibility study by the commissioner Savino on the maintenance of Villa Engelmann, the first 250 thousand euros are allocated for the redevelopment project. As Pd we have repeatedly urged the Municipality to intervene, through motions and collections of signatures. We acknowledge that, with guilty delay, and only after repeated reminders, the junta has finally decided to intervene to restore dignity to a place so dear to generations of Trieste. We will continue to monitor and urge this administration that continues to work without a defined plan ”.


City council, maneuver of 70 million. Criticism of cutting …