Cold emergency, the former Casenuove school reopens: 16 places and 2 kennels

Starting from Monday 28 November 2022, the Cold Emergency project will return which brings together once again the Union of Empolese Valdelsa Municipalities, the Empolese Valdelsa Valdarno Health Society, the municipal administration of Empoli and Misericordia di Empoli.

The objective of the service, launched in the winter of 2017, is to guarantee assistance and shelter to people who do not have a roof to sleep under during the cold months.

The former school in the Empoli hamlet of Casenuove, made available by the municipal administration of Empoli, will host the homeless who want to use the service, while two kennels will be set up outside for the dogs owned by the people who will be housed in the dormitory and that they will have their food available.

The facility will be open until March 31, 2023, providing three five-bed rooms and a smaller room to accommodate a woman.

The Cold Emergency Center in Casenuove will be accessible 24 hours a day with supervision by Misericordia employees, ready to welcome guests and guide them in discovering the services available. La Misericordia will also take care of the meals of the day and evening, from breakfast to dinner: the staff will take them to the Casenuove facility, once they have been prepared at the Emmaus Center and collected by the staff in charge. The center will also be equipped with kettles for tea or coffee.

To help homeless people reach the Casenuove dormitory, Misericordia will offer a transport service: every evening, at 20, from Monday to Sunday, the service will leave from the Empoli railway station to arrive at the structure and at the morning will lead the guests back to the city.

Furthermore, starting from the month of December, the Misericordia will resume the service of the Strada Unit, after dinner, twice a week, to inform people about the existence of the Casenuove center and how to be guests or to provide a blanket and a hot drink for those who do not want to use the Centre. The service of the street unit will also be carried out by the Italian Red Cross Committee of Empoli.

The video service on the Road Units

The objective of the Cold Emergency project is to offer a protected and warm place in the coldest months of the year to those who do not have a home, to prevent any situations of discomfort for the homeless. The reception service, supported by the Health Society, aims to affect the context of social exclusion and marginality. For this reason, all citizens who notice people in need or in need of shelter for the night throughout the Empolese Valdelsa area are invited to contact Misericordia on 0571 7255.

“For the fourth year, the Municipality of Empoli is making the building of the former Casenuove school available for the cold emergency service – underlines the mayor Brenda Barnini – to give shelter to people who unfortunately still live in a condition of difficulty and marginalization , that the cold can only exacerbate and that they need a hot meal and a bed to sleep in. Dignity is found in this center even though we know that some do not want to use it. We respect their choice and yet, our attention is as great as the help they receive. For this I thank the Union of Municipalities with which we manage all social policies, the volunteers of Mercy, which also makes a telephone number available to citizens to report the presence of people in difficulty and the Health Society which supports the reception service that aims to affect the context of social exclusion and marginality”.

«Taking care of people is one of the most important tasks of being Mercy – adds Pier Luigi Ciari, Governor of Mercy of Empoli -. We have been doing this in Empoli for centuries, especially towards those in extreme poverty, or in disadvantaged conditions thanks to the incessant work of the brothers and sisters who lend their work at the canteen and night nursery school of our Casa Emmaus. With this spirit of service at the beginning of the cold season, our sisters and brothers will be busy opening another night kindergarten where those in need can find shelter from the cold, but not only that, every other day our road they will reach those who, by their choice, brave the frost outdoors to offer them support and shelter. La Misericordia appeals to citizens of good will to help the volunteers in this work, also by participating in the service with us: we will offer the right preparation, certain that the experience of meeting each other will be enriching for each of them. For any information, you can contact our office in via Cavour».

“The center is reopened to give shelter to these citizens who, out of necessity or by choice, live outside the ordinary canons of society – explains Alessio Spinelli, president of the Empolese Valdarno Valdelsa Health Society -. Our community, which is a community of solidarity, must think of everyone. Even to those who have made a different choice, with the utmost respect. This is an added value of our territory, a territory strongly characterized by associations and institutions that have always believed in solidarity”.

Source: Municipality of Empoli – Press office

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Cold emergency, the former Casenuove school reopens: 16 places and 2 kennels