Colegio Bicentenario opposes the concession with a new operator

Yesterday, students, parents and some teachers from the Megacolegio Bicentenario went out to protest in Santander Park in front of the Cúcuta City Hall, to demand that the Municipal Education Secretariat not change the operator that has been running the educational institution for the past two years.

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“It is a great school that was run by the University of Pamplona for 12 years, then for a year by Colegio Los Próceres and later by Colegio Salesiano, which has been the best change, because they do not work to earn money but rather by vocation. Now they will not renew with the Salesian parents and we are dissatisfied”, said Karol Espitia, student leader.

The students who protested asked that they not be assigned another operator, because they feel comfortable with the Salesian, which they indicated led them to improve even in their Icfes tests.

For his part, one of the mothers present at the demonstration indicated that they were never asked if they agreed or not with the change of operator, but from one moment to the next they were informed that now it would be the Colegio Cooperativo San José de Peralta who would be in charge of the campus.

“It is an operator that we do not know, we do not know how it is handled. We ask the mayor to please give continuity to the Salesians, we do not want other agreements, we have already changed the operator 3 times. They told us that they signed a contract, but they cannot pass over us, without students there is no school”, mentioned the petitioner.

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The fear of the teachers is that with the arrival of the new operator, are removed from their positions and then left in ‘limbo’ waiting to be reassigned or worse, without a job.

Faced with this situation, Luis Eduardo Royero, Secretary of Municipal Education, specified that on Wednesday, January 11, The educational community was informed of the change of operator, explaining that the continuity of the educational service is guaranteed from January 23.

“Since August, the municipal administration has been leading a strategy to improve the educational service. We have selected a high-quality establishment in the region, positioned among the 15 best in the department, we have indicated that everything is ready to start classes,” said the official.

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noted thatAlthough they understand the disagreements that parents and some teachers have, this is because, apparently, the previous operator offered guarantees of continuitybut the contract they had ended on December 31, 2022.

La Opinión learned that, at the close of this edition, the Ministry of Education and the new operator were meeting with the educational community, listening to their concerns and announcing the new changes.

It was unofficially revealed that the new operator was already established and that Professors must send their resumes, so that they can be reviewed and if they meet the requirements demanded by the new concession, they can continue in the institution.

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Colegio Bicentenario opposes the concession with a new operator