Colegio de Morelia inaugurates the Feminist Festival of Michoacán

MORELIA, Mich., November 19, 2022.- “At the Colegio de Morelia the doors are open to receive women and the events they wish to carry out; We recognize the effort they make, in the different areas of today’s life,” said José Manuel Álvarez Lucio, general director of the Colegio de Morelia, during the welcome he offered at the opening of the Michoacán Feminist Festival, organized by FEMMICH.

According to a press release, Álvarez Lucio said that the Colegio de Morelia has worked with the different institutions of the three levels of government and civil society that support women, which is well supported by the women who They are part of the Board of Directors of the paramunicipal as are the municipal trustee, Melissa Vásquez and the councilors.

“As men, we have to listen and learn, since it is important to recognize that we have had a great privilege for a long time, and that as we learn and deconstruct ourselves, we must give way to being able to recognize these inequalities that exist for women and that it is necessary to support them” .

Likewise, the general director of the CM, highlighted that of the eight directorates that exist in said institution, five are directed by women, which he celebrates.

At the time, the municipal union, Susan Melissa Vásquez Pérez, highlighted that the municipal president, Alfonso Martínez Alcázar, has promoted the activities that make up the agenda of 25N (International Day for the Commemoration of Violence against Women) from the municipal government, in addition of the joint work that is carried out with other state agencies.

During her participation, the head of the Secretary of Substantive Equality and Development of Women of the State Government, Tamara Sosa Alanís celebrated that support networks are created among women and that government institutions are the ones that support them, and that now it is achieved with other institutions, so that a life free of violence is achieved for the entire female sector of the country.

Finally, the representative of Libres Morelia, Karina Ruiz Vega, explained that with these expression forums for women it is possible to know the different circumstances in which they live, in addition to making visible the challenges they have to access to achieve all their goals. Rights.

Therefore, these spaces of expression serve to carry out complete actions for the benefit of all, in addition to finding the variants and recognizing each other, which makes it possible to identify the pending and the challenges to be met.

She stressed that this dialogue exercise developed since 2020 has proven to be a space where you can discuss, analyze and build ideas in favor of women’s human rights.

It should be noted that in said event that will be held from November 19 to 20, there will be a painting exhibition where the following works are exhibited: Virgen Calabacita, by Mariana Cuevas Hernández, Félix Pop, by Shiomara Cazares, Autosabotaje, by Rosalía MM, We’re Still Fighting, by Alexia García, Enamoradas, by Sandra Púrpura, Angelo Expired, by Janet Garfias and Tearing of Being, by Jessica Álvarez. In addition to conferences, dialogue forums and product sales at the Mercadita.

Colegio de Morelia inaugurates the Feminist Festival of Michoacán