Colegio Internacional de Valparaíso for boys and Seminario San Rafael for girls, regional school handball champions under 14

At the Renato Raggio Sports Center in Valparaíso, the under 14 school regionals of the School Sports Games are taking place. In the men’s series, the final was starred by two institutions with a long tradition in handball, such as the Colegio Internacional de Valparaíso and the Instituto Abdon Cifuentes de San Felipe.

The title went to the people from Buenos Aires who won 28-21 with 9 goals from Martin Guerra and 8 from Matías Sepúlveda. For the IAC the best scorer was Erick Villarroel with 6 goals. The list of champions is made up of: Luciano Concha, Ignacio Quero, Jonathan Vera (reinforcement of the San Damián school), Martin Guerra (reinforcement of the Lutheran school), Amaro Toloza, Edgard Vassiliu, Tomas González, Luciano Pérez, Martin Ojeda, Tomás Arrechabaleta , Franco Sepulveda and Matias Sepulveda. Trainers: Felipe Morales, Victor Armijo and Rodrigo Arrechabaleta.

For the Sports Seremi, Leandro Torres “was a true school handball party. We are very happy with how the whole tournament has developed and we are very confident that Internacional will be a great national entertainer”. Regarding the support of the parents, which has been a trend in the different regional tournaments, the sports authority highlighted. “Sport requires the commitment of the family and today the parents have shown it, which gives an impressive setting to this handball festival, which makes us very happy”

The coach of the International School Felipe Morales added “We are facing a very difficult rival who came first in the League. We study them and work to improve our weaknesses. The boys are very committed and I think today went through the attitude and they showed it on the pitch. Now to enjoy and from tomorrow start working on what is to come, and leave the region well positioned in the national”.

Luciano Pérez from the International School, indicated that “it was an intense game, we entered with great enthusiasm and we have been preparing for this for a long time and we, the teachers, the relatives, are super proud, because we got rid of the dirt for this. We know that the national is going to be difficult but we are going to prepare to arrive well “

The bronze medal went to the Colegio Pehuén de Cabildo representing the province of Petorca, which defeated the Valle del Aconcagua de Quillota school 12-9.

Women’s Final

The Colegio Seminario San Rafael de Valparaíso won the women’s title after beating the Liceo Mixto de Los Andes by 17 to 11. Josefina Eguido from the SSR highlighted the joy of playing with her classmates “we put our 100%, we had a good time playing together, We are a good team and I did not expect to get here, but I am very proud of my teammates. We prepare for a long time and we go to the national championship with the same objective as here, to give our 100%, have a good time together and this is an additional prize”.

Branco López, SSR coach, pointed out that “the tournament was somewhat irregular, since we came from a pandemic process, which harmed many schools to have a training process, we tried to resume in the best way and we had very good results. We have to continue training to be able to represent the school and the region in a great way”

In the women’s bronze dispute, the Liceo Mixto de San Felipe beat the Colegio Gabriela Mistral de San Antonio by 21 to 10.

Colegio Internacional de Valparaíso for boys and Seminario San Rafael for girls, regional school handball champions under 14