College of Journalists asks the TSE to investigate financing “trolls” by political parties

San José, Dec 28 ( – Following public complaints filed by a person who is dedicated to generating content on social networks, the Board of Directors of the Association of Journalists and Professionals in Collective Communication Sciences, requests the Supreme Court of Elections (TSE), carry out an in-depth investigation in relation to the way of financing these people by the political parties.

From the Colper they stated that “there is no doubt that there is anarchy on social networks, of which some unscrupulous take advantage to distort the profession of journalist.”

“Some of these people, also called “trolls”, are financed with public funds, which no Costa Rican can allow. The Supreme Elections Tribunal must take immediate action to REJECT and DISAUTHORIZE these electoral expenses”, they sentenced.

They also added that “during our tenure we were clear that the criteria of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights interpreted by the Constitutional Chamber by generalizing and affirming that “anyone can call themselves a journalist” violates the right to information, violates the veracity, credibility and objectivity with which the serious, responsible and ethical journalist works”.

“Unfortunately, there are also media outlets that respond to those shady commercial, ideological, or political convenience interests, and likewise “pay” people who, without being journalists, seek, produce, and broadcast information that does not necessarily adhere to the ethical criteria required by our profession. ”, they stated.

“On several occasions we were interviewed by some media, which never published our statements, simply for not giving the response that the journalist was mandated to get,” they said.

According to the College, “there were many statements that this Board of Directors issued in an ethical and transparent manner, but not a second or a line of the interview was ever published, or part of those statements was placed out of context as filler. This misrepresentation and bias also threatens freedom of expression and the sacred right of Costa Rican society to receive truthful and credible information,” they asserted.

“During our management we were absolutely respectful of due process. In this case, there are open investigations that will shed light and allow the officials involved to make their best decisions in the exercise of their function, each one having to assume their share of responsibility,” they reiterated.

“Colper calls for the cessation of false and biased information management, which only manages to misinform and generate fissures in a robust democratic system. We call on the new Board of Directors to continue with the line of demanding the professionalization of communicators”, they concluded.



College of Journalists asks the TSE to investigate financing “trolls” by political parties