Concern in Lavaur: why a dismissed teacher spends her days in front of her former school

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Big discomfort in front of the Arnaud Beltrame primary school in Lavaur in the Tarn. Since the start of the school year, a woman has been pacing in front of the establishment. On school days, from morning to evening, she remains planted in front of the entrance to demand her reinstatement.

Why is this 47-year-old woman still near their child’s school? Many parents ask themselves this question. If in recent days, things seem to calm down, some insulted her there is little, so that she leaves the place.

The Midi Dispatch met her. She refuses to take a coffee, as she refuses to sit on a bench: “I work most often standing”, explains the former teacher. She tells her story: “Since 2003, I had been at the En Gach school in Graulhet. In 2017, for service needs and for incompatibility with staff, I was transferred to Les Clauzades in Lavaur before to be attached to the Beltrame school. Since then I have been doing replacements, particularly in ULIS classes (students with disabilities) and SEGPA (middle school students with significant learning difficulties)”, she explains.

Already in 2017, the dispute with National Education was such that the dispute went to the Administrative Court. The dispute resurfaced on August 31, when the applicant discovered that she no longer had any assignments at the start of the school year.

Dismissed for professional incompetence

The explanation is given to us by the academic director of the national education services of the Tarn specifies: “The departmental joint administrative commission judged it in professional insufficiency. She was dismissed on August 31, 2022”, justifies Marie-Claire Duprat , which does not specify the reasons. Professional inadequacy is the inability to exercise the functions corresponding to a grade.

The former teacher does not budge: “This is my job. This is my job. I await my affection and to prove my professionalism I come every day. I have always been diligent in my job,” she says. The remarks are made without animosity and without raising the voice. However, she refuses to reveal the reproaches made by her employer. A disturbing and singular situation.

“The children had told stories of witches”

For nearly three months, the National Education, the Prefecture, the town hall, the gendarmerie but also the municipal police have been mobilized to find a solution. Still there should be one. “I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not disturbing public order”.

It prevents. The parents are worried: “It’s difficult to live”, recognize Claire and Paul. “I was informed by a mother whose little girl was in shock, explains Claire. The children had told stories about a witch waiting for them at the exit to kidnap them”. His companion adds: “We had a word from parents asking us not to let our children cross alone and to accompany them to the gate”. And this without any information from the school. “She certainly does nothing wrong, but we feel a discomfort”, confides a mother.

“I made a graceful appeal. If it is rejected, I will go to court. In the meantime, I am staying here. ” Eternity does not seem to frighten Alexia. Even if for National Education, this dismissal is irrevocable, all remedies having been exhausted.

Concern in Lavaur: why a dismissed teacher spends her days in front of her former school