Cs and Forum request more regional contribution for the new Special Education school

The increase in the allocation allocated by the Principality for the new Montecerrao Special Education Center is among the partial amendments to the Principality’s Budget project that is being voted on today in plenary session of the Board. Citizens and Forum have presented two proposals to increase next year the endowment in the equipment with 100,000 more euros. To these is added a PP amendment to repair the Latores center, which will continue to function until the Montecerrao school is built. The amount requested reaches 60,000 euros. The association of mothers and fathers of students (AMPA) of the College of Latores calls for improvements, including the patio cover.

Today the Budget project will receive the final verdict and it will be decided if these amendments are included in the regional accounts for next year or not. The draft includes an item of 196,267 euros for the center of Montecerrao, which will be used to draft the project. The contest called to award the elaboration of the document is underway and seven companies have presented themselves.

The AMPA of the Colegio de Latores ensures that “any additional fund that is included is welcome.” The current center “must be maintained and the new one is built the sooner it is better,” says Verónica Menéndez, the collective’s secretary.

Other partial amendments propose an increase in the economic contribution for other educational facilities located in the municipality of Oviedo. This is the case of the new IES (Institute of Secondary Education) of La Corredoria, for which Forum is demanding 150,000 euros more than would be added to the 5,260,000 euros allocated to start the works. With this extra amount, indicates the proponent group, it could “expedite its entry into operation”. The works were awarded days ago.

For the IES of La Florida, already under construction, Forum proposes also increasing the contribution by 150,000 euros. The objective is the same as in the previous case, to complete the work beforehand to start up the facilities. The amount reserved in the regional budget project is 5,554,748 euros, the largest contribution that will be allocated in the next year to an educational infrastructure. It also considers the formation that has Adrián Pumares as its spokesperson that should be increased, with an additional 100,000 euros to the 50,000 planned to redistribute spaces in the IES Pérez de Ayala. The PP proposes that action be taken to repair the leaks in the sports hall of the Pablo Iglesias de Soto de Ribera public school and that 30,000 euros be allocated for this.

None of these investments are included in the amendments agreed between the three groups that have already committed their support to the draft accounts, PSOE, IU and the representative of the Mixed Group, Armando Fernández Bartolomé. Among these is the creation of an item for the Nuevo Roces public school, of gijon, with 725,000 euros to deal with the bidding and execution of the works. This proposal will go ahead by adding the necessary support for its approval and incorporation of the new item into the regional budget.

Cs and Forum request more regional contribution for the new Special Education school