CSS Harricana wants to add sports facilities to Amos secondary school

An expansion project was proposed to the Ministry of Education at the end of October in the hope that it be included in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan (PQI).

The current gymnasiums and courtyards of the La Calypso pavilion.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon

The CSS Harricana wants to take advantage of the fact that he has to make improvements to the gymnasium of the La Calypso pavilion to carry out a larger-scale project.

We need to improve the infrastructure, among other things, for the changing rooms at La Calypso, so the changing rooms and the showers as well as the part commonly called the courtyards, where there are lockers.indicates the director general of CSS Harricana, Yannick Roy.

We need to make improvements because with age and time, it is due. So, considering that we have major work to do on maintenance and improvement, we said to ourselves that we could add plateaus at the same time. This is the idea that we submitted to the Ministry in our needs. »

A quote from Yannick Roy, CEO of CSS Harricana
Yannick Roy, director general of the Center de services scolaire Harricana at his office.

Yannick Roy, Director General of the Center de services scolaire Harricana. (Archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon

Busy trays

The need for new sports facilities at Amos High School is nothing new. A first multisport complex project estimated at nearly $20 million was developed and submitted by CSS Harricana, with the support of partners, in 2018.

The needs have not changed. The secondary school gymnasiums in Amos still have an occupancy rate of 118%. However, the new project, for which there are no plans and specifications yet, promises to be much more modest financially. First, it would meet the needs of the CSS Harricana.

We are talking about the equivalent of two additional trays. The area would increase from 1200 to 1700 square meters, depending on what is proposed. It’s different from 2018, where there were all the civil parties, the parking lots, etc. So, it may be a more modest project in terms of funding, but which will better meet our needs.underlines Yannick Roy, who specifies that the necessary investment has not been quantified.

A long hallway with windows on one side and lockers on the other.

One of the courtyards of the La Calypso pavilion, where there are lockers.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon

Mr. Roy recalls, however, that the CSS Harricana agreements with the municipalities would give citizens access to the new platforms outside of school hours.

Sport-Study programs

This high occupation of the sports facilities at the Amos secondary school is largely explained by the development and the rules surrounding the Sport-Study programs.

The example I often give is that before, AAA basketball teams practiced in the evening. But now, with the rules of the Ministry, for them to be recognized in the Sport-Studies program, it has to be done during school time. So, in addition to physical education classes, our teams have to practice during the day, which puts additional pressure on the availability of our sets.explains Yannick Roy.

Students and their teacher in a gymnasium during a physical education lesson.

The small gymnasium of the La Calypso pavilion.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon

CSS Harricana wants to add sports facilities to Amos secondary school