“Dead mouse in the school bathroom”, protests at Cannizzaro: many students stay at home

There is a rat emergency in some Palermo schools. There are numerous reports received PalermoToday who denounce the poor hygienic conditions in some institutes. At the Cannizzaro scientific high school, the protest of the parents of the via Generale Arimondi complex took place this morning, who decided not to let their children enter the classroom to go on strike “against dirt and the presence of cockroaches and rats”.

What made the vase overflow was the sighting by some pupils, who report having found “a dead mouse in one of the bathrooms on the first floor”. News that bounced yesterday afternoon from smartphone to smartphone, complete with photographs, thus leading to today’s decision. Thus, many classes but also individual students did not take part in the lessons. “As soon as we saw the photo of the rat, we were immediately alarmed – some parents report – and many of us consulted with each other and decided not to send our children to school. With bites but also with rat excrement, you don’t mess around. Among the other in the past days we also found some cockroaches. The safety of our children comes first”.

For her part, the principal Anna Maria Catalano makes it known that she has always done everything possible to keep the institute in good hygienic conditions. “We did two pest control and rat extermination just last month – she let her know at PalermoToday – the latest on 31 October. Only a mouse and some dead cockroaches were found due to the cleaning products used. We always do what is necessary but the city is dirty, and even if we clean our ‘house’ it is clear that the problem also affects the inside”.

To support the head teacher, the school representative Azzurra Chiarelli, who today decided to go to school together with the school class. “I went in – she says – because in my opinion there was no reason to make such a striking protest given that we reported the incident to the principal who immediately took an interest and took action. The toilets were restored yesterday afternoon and providing for further deratization. In my opinion, not going to school does not help to solve the problems we have”.

Critical issues also found at the Federico II complex of the Politeama comprehensive institute, in via Pier delle Vigne in Borgo Vecchio, which houses elementary and middle school classes. In fact, the school will be closed for three days and educational activities are suspended to carry out rodent control, disinfestation and extraordinary cleaning operations. “We have found – some parents report – cockroaches and mice outside the school but also in the classrooms and in the bathrooms. We cannot send our children to class with the fear that something bad might happen to them. We are tired”. After several reports of rat sightings, Principal Aurora Fumo decided to act promptly and independently with school funds to resolve the emergency. “I know that there are technical times in the Municipality and given the emergency, I preferred to act with the utmost urgency, as required by law, to give immediate answers and serenity to parents and children”.

Frederick II

The eighth district councilor Alessandro Benincasa was closely following the story. “After the reports from the parents – he reports – I personally contacted the principal who reassured us in the past about her constant monitoring of the institution. In recent days this further criticality has been encountered, also reported by some residents of the area where there is waste and bulky I immediately asked Rap with whom we will carry out a joint inspection in the next few days to understand the nature of what is happening and intervene accordingly”.

However, the head teacher invites parents to remain calm: “I wouldn’t want a feeling of social alarm to be created. The interruption of lessons was certainly a strong gesture. We have started all the procedures to solve the problem and I hope let it be definitive this time. From Thursday we will resume normal activities”.

“Dead mouse in the school bathroom”, protests at Cannizzaro: many students stay at home