Defenda: ‘It is totally unacceptable that some Bar Associations do not protect a member until they denounce the case in the media

The Asociation defend He denounces that it is “totally unacceptable” that some Bar Associations do not protect a member until he denounces the case in the media.

“Many colleagues, in this type of situation, feel completely abandoned by the Associations, and with these behaviors we have the feeling that we only matter when their reputation is in danger”, the vice president of Defenda, declares to Confilegal. MAMMa lawyer on the duty shift who has also denounced threats and coercion from a client, and has requested a restraining order, like Burgos’s partner.

In her case, she has felt the support of her College. The private accusation is being brought by a deputy of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), lola fernandezto defend the rights of this lawyer.

In addition, the Defenda association, created in April 2020 to fight for the rights and dignity of the Spanish legal profession, is exercising popular accusation for the first time in this type of procedure, to defend the rights of the group. He will also exercise it in the procedure of the Burgos collegiate, as this newspaper has reported.

Last Thursday, the vice president of Defenda sent a letter to the president of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers (CGAE), Victoria Ortega Benitoto inform him of this case suffered by the fellow from Burgos, as well as “the behavior that the College has been having.”

“We understand that it is the president of the CGAE who has to ensure the proper functioning of all the Bar Associations and, therefore, of the entire legal profession,” declares the vice president of this association.

In his letter, he conveys to Ortega the “seriousness” of this matter, which lies in the fact that “the partner has been communicating the problem he has with the defendant to his College for seven months”, but the latter “has not only ignored, but that he has processed the complaint that his former client has given him more credibility to the defendant than to the lawyer himself ».

In addition, he highlights that it is “nonsense” that, despite the fact that this colleague informed ICABURGOS that he had filed a complaint for threats against the defendant, the College replied “that he had to continue handling the matter, leaving him again defenseless and without college support”.

This court-appointed lawyer emphasizes that “it is totally devastating to have to suffer this type of behavior from a College, to which you go in search of protection and find that they hit you with the doors in your face and on top of that with a complaint”, referring to the Burgos lawyer.

He informs the president of the CGAE that the comrade, “desperate for the situation, sought help everywhere” and that he coincidentally found Defenda, and they have been the ones who have given him support and those who have sought a solution to his conflict .

He informs Victoria Ortega that they are going to appear in this case as a popular accusation and that they are going to give him “all the legal support he needs.”

In addition, it attaches Confilegal’s first information on this caseand transmits that it was published on Thursday, at 6:52 a.m., and that “curiously” the Burgos ICA called its collegiate that same day, at 2:00 p.m., “to inform him that they had seen the news, that they apologized and that now they were going to rescind the designation.”

“It is unacceptable that this type of situation continues to happen in the ICAS despite the implementation of these protocols against harassment of lawyers,” denounces the vice president of Defenda, and takes advantage of her letter to ask Victoria Ortega “what kind of actions they are going to adopt by the CGAE in relation to this matter».

“If an association as small as Defenda has to appear as a popular prosecution to defend the rights of a lawyer on the duty, then why do the Associations exist?”declares to this newspaper the vice president of this association and denouncer of threats and coercion by her client.

This lawyer maintains that it is “totally necessary” for colleagues to report these situations and that in the event that their College does not protect them, “let them know that Defenda will be there to help them, and defend their rights, that is why Defenda was born” .

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Defenda: ‘It is totally unacceptable that some Bar Associations do not protect a member until they denounce the case in the media – Confilegal