Did you have good grades in school? Pronabec offers you a scholarship for higher studies

Young people with high academic performance in secondary education have more options to win in the Peru Scholarship contest, call 2022, to study university or technical careers, reported the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (Pronabec) of the Ministry of Education.

Although one of the requirements to apply in this edition is to accredit a minimum average of 14 in the last grades of high school, higher scores will be awarded to participants who show good performance in the school stage.

In this way, if their grade point average in the last two grades of school is more than 17, they will be assigned 50 points. If it is more than 16 to 17, they will be awarded 45 points.

Meanwhile, those with an average higher than 15 to 16, and from 14 to 15, will receive 40 and 35 points, respectively.

In addition, according to the bases, additional points will be awarded to those who present a condition of economic vulnerability. That is, if the applicants are in a situation of extreme poverty, they will receive 8 additional points, and if they are within the poverty classification, 4 points.

It should be noted that a minimum average of 12 can only be accredited in the last grades of the school in the following cases:

– Victims of violence in the country during the years 1980 – 2000 (Repared).

– Population exposed to heavy metals and other chemical substances.

– Population affected by the deflagration that occurred on 01/23/2020 in Villa El Salvador.

– Bereaved of the deceased, as well as of the people who suffered injuries in the mobilizations that occurred in the country at the end of 2020 (RS No. 221-2021-JUS, modified by RS 256-2021-JUS).

The 79 scholarships that will be awarded, as they are donated by higher education institutions in Peru, are not subsidized by Pronabec. Due to this, the benefits of each scholarship vary according to each donor institution and the concepts that are not covered will be assumed by the beneficiaries.


Currently, the Peru Scholarship contest is in the first moment of application, which will conclude this Sunday, August 7, at 5:30 pm

To participate, those interested must meet other requirements such as:

– Have Peruvian nationality.

– Having completed secondary school in Regular Basic Education (EBR), Alternative Basic Education (EBA) or Special Basic Education (EBE).

– Have entered a university or institute, location and eligible career.

– Submit affidavits and forms generated by the Application Module.

Once this stage is over, the application for the second stage will begin, scheduled from August 8 to 14. Meanwhile, the third moment will be from September 15 to 30 next. The process is free and there is no age limit to apply.

For more information you can go to the contest website. You can also contact Pronabec through its social networks, the institutional WhatsApp 966 429 596the free line 080 00 00 18 or the telephone exchange (01) 612 82 30.

Did you have good grades in school? Pronabec offers you a scholarship for higher studies