Directors of the Belén School are silent

Alejandra Sanchez/El Diario

Saturday, November 12, 2022 | 14:36

Chihuahua, Chih.- Directors of the Belén Bilingual School, to which the minor Briana Camila F belongs, who was the victim of illegal deprivation of liberty by one of her teachers, remained silent and did not respond to the request for information, yesterday, when holding a private meeting with parents of family.

Disillusioned, a little disoriented, and a few others, even annoyed, was how the fathers and mothers of the family arrived at Belén School, which was accused of being a participant in various irregularities by overlapping cases of harassment, bullying and sale of exams within the educational institution. This without mentioning the kidnapping of one of her students perpetrated by one of her teachers.

At 12:00 noon, the relatives of the preschool students began to arrive. Many of them refused to speak because they would wait for the authorities to explain their position on what happened.

Others agreed to express their feelings; her concern was hard to hide. One of her mothers said she was alarmed that her two sons had just been enrolled in preschool and she would soon be enrolling another of her daughters in high school.

“It is very unfortunate that this situation is happening, I have already read other bad experiences of former students and well, I only come to see what they tell us; however, I have already made the decision to change schools. It is very worrying that they do not review the teachers and we cannot expose our children in this way,” said Regina (not her real name for fear of reprisals).

In addition, this same mother pointed out that she is surprised that they did not do anything when the teacher harassed the students, since that was a “red flag”.

A family, came out together with their daughter; The father asked the little girl how she was feeling: “daughter, are you happy or sad? How did you feel today? When talking with them, both agreed that the managers have not done anything and that even though her daughter has already been a victim of bullying, they have minimized the case.

“We understand that bullying can occur in all schools; but, what bothers us is that they don’t care, that they act as if that wasn’t happening. Definitely like other parents, we will also take our daughter out of this school next year.”

According to those interviewed, a list of actions focused on safety was discussed at the meeting, which describes that no student will be handed over to any person who does not have the official card issued by the school.

Among the measures to be taken is also that the central access will have surveillance in the booth of a security guard from a specialized company and will have extended hours in order to cover the evening extracurricular classes.

It was also indicated that students will stay from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon with the supervision of a school teacher. (This service will have an additional cost).

Although at the beginning and at the end of the meeting, dialogue was sought with the educational authorities and even the administrative head was contacted, there was no response.

“We communicate with you, we are very busy in meetings; but as soon as we are free we will contact them”, said one of the employees of the campus, but at the end of the edition no response was obtained.

The teacher who kidnapped Camila F., 16, as she left school with a gun in her hand; Hours before, he had taught his other students at school to whom she told them that she was going to Los Angeles, California, to a “gamer” game and that she would probably go on vacation.

The above was made known through social networks after the kidnapping of the teenager and her location minutes later were reported.

Among other comments, there is that of another woman in which she said that she was also her daughter’s teacher and that she would go to the United States to win a lot of money in a contest and that she would probably never return.

Likewise, in some WhatsApp messages, which were made public, the parents stated that Erick R. had asked the students for intimate photos and that he had already been reported to the directors of said educational establishment.

In addition, according to the conversations between the relatives of the students, it came to light that the professor also sold exams for 500 and up to 2 thousand pesos.

Directors of the Belén School are silent