Discover the British international school in Palma with the best academic results

The academic results of Palma British International School demonstrate, one more year, the commitment of the school with a complete education who cares both about academic knowledge and about developing the skills and abilities that children will need in life.

Queen’s College get some again excellent results at all school levels. The evaluation process (exam writing, correction and evaluation) in the british international schools It is carried out by independent evaluation boards of recognized prestige such as Edexcel either cambridge.

Therefore, all tests from 4th of ESO they would be similar to external university entrance exams. The results this year have been extraordinary:

  • In the promotion of Year 13 (2nd Bachelor), all the students have passed 100% of the subjects, 60% of the grades have passed the outstanding mark and 10% of the grades are honors.

  • The Year 12 class (1st Bachelor), has achieved a ratio of 81% of grades above notable. 63% of the results are outstanding.

  • Year 11 (4th year of ESO), has achieved 73% grades higher than notable and 23% honors.

On August 26, Queen’s College held the tenth edition of the Sisu Awards. Queen’s College

Excellent results at the British International School in Palma

Last August 26, Queen’s College celebrated these excellent results with their school community. The Palau de Congressos de Palma hosted the tenth edition of the Sisu Awardsthe annual ceremony that pays tribute to the constant effort and achievements of students.

Likewise, the classes of 2020 and 2021 returned to graduate together with the class of 2022. The last two ceremonies could not be held due to covid restrictions and the opportunity to congratulate the architects of these –and many other results:

  • Spain’s highest score in English (Year 11, November 2019)
  • Highest score in Computer Science in Spain (Year 11, November 2021)
  • In 2021, three students achieved an equivalent mark of 14 out of 14 as a university entrance mark and another 5 undertook medical studies. These students represent 30% of the promotion.

The Sisu Award, which gives its name to the act, has been given to Year 13 students (2nd year of Baccalaureate) since 2010 to recognize those students who, due to their high academic performance, have obtained 4 or more “A” grades (excellent) in their results. A Level of GCE (2nd year of Baccalaureate). This grade would correspond to a university entrance grade higher than 12.7 out of 14.

This year the prizes of the last 3 promotions were awarded, a total of 11 students reached the required grade and therefore obtained the prize, almost 15% of the total.

The spirit of the award is to inspire younger generations and encourage them to set high goals as well as give testimony that, with effort and perseverance, they can accomplish what they set out to do.

The Sisu Awards is an annual ceremony that pays tribute to the constant effort and achievements of students. Queen’s College

The challenges of current education

On such a special night, a guest at the height could not be missing; Joan Groizard, current director general of IDAE and former student of Queen’s College, introduced the awards on this evening. After leaving Queen’s, where he graduated with the highest grade in Spain in four A Level subjects, Groizard studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cambridge and worked in various areas related to energy and sustainability. He was Director of Energy and Climate Change at the Government of the Balearic Islands before beginning his path at IDAE.

Groizard addressed the school community to share his vision about adult life and the essential role of the new generations. she highlighted three challenges of education with which they will have to deal: the resistance to the digital transition, the crisis of climate change and gender inequality. In this situation, he offered three pieces of advice: he encouraged them to interact with people who were different from them in all aspects, to surround themselves with a team of brilliant professionals and finally, he talked about success and how it can take many forms and change throughout life.

Joan said goodbye to the students with a wish: “I hope that you maintain the relationships that you have built at Queen’s College and that you always have each other and, also, that you do not take in vain the importance of building happiness”.

Among the qualifications of Queen’s College are programs in engineering, medicine, pure sciences and social sciences. Queen’s College

The best international destinations to study

More and more students choose international destinations, mainly European, to continue their studies. The Netherlands, Ireland or the United Kingdom are among the most popular destinations. In recent promotions, the destination countries have diversified, reaching 7 different ones.

Likewise, Spain continues to be an important university destination for Queen’s students. Between his qualifications numerous programs stand out engineering, medicine, pure sciences and social sciences.

Also, degrees that combine the science or social area with a more humanistic or artistic. Among the universities where the students have accessed, we find centers such as the Wharton Business School (U. Pennsylvania), Trinity College Dublinetc.

Queen’s College Campus, is an educational complex that includes the sports center Queen’s Center and the secondary center. Queen’s College

The new premises of Queen’s College

During the last few years, the school has made several changes that have affected the functioning of the school. Thanks to the opening of Queen’s College Campusthe avant-garde educational complex that includes the queen’s center sports center Y the middle school, the school was able to unfold all its courses in September 2020 and ensure face-to-face education throughout the pandemic. This change has meant a much more personalized education for all students, a factor that has been reflected in academic results.

Likewise, a commitment has been made to progressively renew the facilities to create and condition garden areas open to nature, as well as spaces that allow to implement the new improvements of the curriculum: music and theater spaces, a new library. It is worth mentioning the development of a new menu that is underway with a new program for the development of healthy habits from childhood.

The international school Queen’s College has carried out a renovation of the facilities. Queen’s College

Heather Muntaner MBE, the director decorated for academic excellence

As an end to the act, a warm ovation raised all those present before Heather Muntaner MBEthe former headmistress of Queen’s College for more than three decades. Their commitment to academic excellence and a holistic education has contributed to the creation of a warm and united school community.

On June 2, 2022, it was made public that the director had been decorated, at the jubilee of the Queen isabel IIwith the title MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for his services to the promotion of British education, language and culture in Spain. In their press release, the British authorities highlighted his role in consolidating Queen’s College as a National Flagship College.

Discover the British international school in Palma with the best academic results