Do you finish school and don’t know what to study? They offer free vocational guidance

Free vocational guidance. (Diffusion)

In order to help them choose the career that best suits their interests, the higher education school Toulouse Lautrec will do this Saturday, November 19 Explosión Creativa, an event of activities of vocational orientation.

In this day, the participants will have access, free of charge, to playful and creative tools and activities, to learn about various professional fields in the world of design, communications and business.

The event will be held at the Chacarilla campus (Av. Primavera N° 970, Surco) from 03:00 pm, those interested may register through the following link:

Attendees will also have the opportunity to talk with graduates of the different professions, who will share with them their experiences, knowledge, and job opportunities offered by high school careers.

It should be noted that, according to a study by Boomerang, more than 50% of young Peruvians work in careers that they did not study. For this reason, the choice of a profession is the most important decision that the student must make after completing their degree. school stage.

Free vocational guidance. (Diffusion)
Free vocational guidance. (Diffusion)

World Communications (03:00 pm)

– Cinematography

– Multimedia Audiovisual Communication

– Audiovisual Communication

– Photography and Digital Image

Business World (03:00 pm)

– Strategic Design for Business

– Strategic Marketing and Innovation


– Advertising and Digital Marketing

– Advertising and Digital Media

Design World (05:00 pm)

– Digital animation

– Interior architecture

– Direction and Graphic Design

– Direction and Advertising Design

– Interior design

– Product Design and Technological Innovation

– Design of Videogames and Digital Entertainment

– Graphic design

– Fashion Design and Management

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), Together with the employment centers of the regional offices, it offers a set of services focused on improving the country’s employability completely free of charge.

The MTPE pointed out that it has 26 employment centers nationwide, one in each region of the country, in addition to Metropolitan Lima, where citizens can benefit from advisory services for job search, thanks to which professional support is provided to Anyone who wants to strengthen their job search skills and gain greater visibility in front of employers.

To access this service, the user must book an appointment on the virtual services platform, select the virtual officel that corresponds to you according to your region, and choose the virtual service “Employment Search Advice – ABE”. Once the date and time for the virtual appointment has been selected, the applicant must enter their data.


Do you finish school and don’t know what to study? They offer free vocational guidance