Dynamic military gymnastics at school? Parents protest: “Non

“The constituent mothers and fathers would have revolted, because the school is a ‘institution of peace“. The big ‘No’ to the course of dynamic military gymnastics in the gymnasium ofRenato Fucini Comprehensive Institute of Pisa took to the streets on Monday 19 September. The garrison in front of the Municipality, alongside teachers and parents of the Pisan school, was joined by voices from different sides of civil society (parties, movements, trade unions and associations). All this just a few hours from the start of“marine style” training.

Participants in the first class of applied military gymnastics in the gymnasium of the Renato Fucini Institute in Pisa

The square of the No

“The goal, not too hidden, is one militarization of the education and school system – says Sebastiano Orto dei Cobas, teacher in Pisa -. Dynamic military gymnastics has nothing to do with the values ​​transmitted by the school as a culture of peace, cooperation and enhancement of individual students. This storm has lifted a veil on a process that has been going on for years ”. The request from the square is that “the Municipality withdraws the concession immediately of the gymnasium to the private Italian dynamic military gymnastics body ”, says Fausto Pascali of Priority at the school. And he adds: “At the time of the discovery of the course (two weeks ago), Rights in the Municipality immediately applied to view all the documentation relating to the notice for the concession of the school spaces, but nothing has been released so far”. The Rsu from the high school Lucia Vaccari and Michele Girlanda reiterate: “Everything has been omitted. When the truth came out the college of teachers of the Institute unanimously expressed its dissent and their opposition to the initiative “.

The mother of a pupil of the comprehensive school at the garrison under the Municipality of Pisa (Photo Cappello / Valtriani)

“School spaces must remain so even at the end of the lessons”

Also parents of students they joined the protest, still in shock. “Taking a stand is a duty. We believe that this discipline is in stark contrast to art. 96 of the Consolidated Law on Education, which provides that school facilities are used only for cultural, social, sporting and civil promotion. The school spaces must remain so even at the end of the lessons – says mother Mariangela -, because students are not customersbut rather an integral part of the school “.

The first test at the gym: “A case was mounted”

Meanwhile, at 7.30 pm on Monday evening the “Fucini” gate opened for the first test. About ten participants in green uniforms, ready for training; among them common people. “A case was mounted – replies the manager Giorgio Bucci -, but the Italian military dynamic gymnastics it’s a authorized sport discipline in school gyms. A free body workout, where psychophysical education is taught in a context without comfort or competition. The concession? There is no expiration date ”.

Dynamic military gymnastics at school? Parents protest: “Non-client students”