Education attributes the deterioration of the San Ignacio school to the lack of maintenance of the San Fernando City Council

The Board attributes the problems suffered by the San Ignacio school to the lack of municipal maintenance. This is how the territorial delegate for Education, Isabel Paredes, responds to the criticism received after the fall of part of the ceiling of one of the classrooms.

“Since my arrival at the Delegation, the CEIP San Ignacio has been a priority. Concerned, I asked the director for the requirements of the City Council, which is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the schools by law, to correct thethe deficiencies detected. They were never resolved by the City Council“, explains Paredes, who recalls that he offered his collaboration to the mayor and the parents “to solve the problems that are, I repeat, due to the lack of maintenance by the City Council”, he insists. “Each administration has to assume its powers and obligations “, he adds. “The San Ignacio is more than 50 years old, but there are magnificent centers in Cádiz such as the Padre Luis Coloma Institute in Jerez, which is 185 years old and perfectly preserved, and that corresponds to the City Council”, he compares.

To show that there is a will, “the hand outstretched to collaborate in solving problems in response to families and students”, the delegate refers to the fact that it was held in 2021 a technical report from the occupational risk prevention service and that the Andalusian Public Agency for Education (Apae) is preparing another report, in addition to the request that they have made for a technical inspection of the center to the Consistory.

After this last incidence, a technician from the Apae appeared to make an evaluation and was in contact with the Educational Inspection and with the AMPA. “Let’s not throw balls out, let’s look at the interests of minors and their families, of that AMPA that is making an extraordinary effort to improve that center, we owe it to them as public administrations,” Paredes makes clear.

“In a month and a half new cracks have appeared”

The president of the Local Federation of Associations of Mothers and Fathers of Students (FLAMPA), Luisa Guerrero, points out that the Board’s report was prepared due to some problems that arose in 2019 in the facilities, but with some works carried out by the administration Andalusian three years earlier. “The situation is not the same. The school is deteriorating by the minute. In just a month and a half new cracks have appeared,” she explained. She is still waiting for a meeting with the delegate on this matter, although the case has been discussed in meetings for other educational problems in San Fernando. Guerrero also refers to the action of some 60,000 euros that Education reported in June was expected to develop to meet the needs of the center, and that was pending processing, although, he warns, “it is not published anywhere”, and besides that he considers it insufficient. “There is a will, but for when? Because professionals work there. And if it falls on a child? Whose fault will it be? The City Council has done the maintenance, but it is a structural problem, that the San Ignacio 50 years old. That they do not politicize the safety of minors, “he demands. The federation echoes the concern of parents and raises the possibility that they make the decision to close the school due to the existing danger.

Education attributes the deterioration of the San Ignacio school to the lack of maintenance of the San Fernando City Council