Education authorized the process for a school in Cowboys to be called Memory, Truth and Justice | He was chosen by the educational community

The director of the College 5050 of Cowboys, Aldo Pastranareported that the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the province authorized this week an internal provision to carry out the procedure by which the name “Memory, Truth and Justice” will be assigned to that institution.

The response was considered late in the educational community that for three years has been calling for the imposition of this name. The presentation of the project arose as an initiative of two professors from the Department of Social Sciences together with the students, in 2019.

As explained by one of the promoters, the history teacher Mercedes AriasThis year the project was presented again. The General Directorate of Secondary Education, which depends on the Ministry of Education of Salta, authorized the internal provision in which the director of the school proposed a procedure for choosing the name, but this response took three months this year and arrives when it is about finish the school year.

Pastrana told Salta/12 that the notification of the authorization had not yet reached him formally, they sent him a photograph by WhatsApp, anticipating that it would be sent to him by mail.

The director explained that when he was presented with a project from the Department of Social Sciences to name the school, he requested information from the ministerial authorities to carry out the procedure. “The general regulation says what the conditions are to give the institution a name but it does not say the forms,” ​​he pointed out. Therefore, he issued an internal provision proposing a procedure.

“In 2019 the project was presented, in 2020 during the pandemic nothing was worked on, in 2021 we tried to resume very slowly, we were working with protocols and with bubbles. In 2022 this task was resumed, I presented an internal provision to the authorities of Secondary Education, to the supervisor Beatrice Salce, who sent it to the General Directorate of Secondary Education. The General Directorate replied that it authorizes the procedure to be carried out,” the director reported.

According to the authorized provision, in the first instance the diffusion “at the community level” will be carried out to inform that the school will choose a name.

Then, the director established that in addition to the existing proposal for the school to be called Memory, Truth and Justicethey will receive any other that arises from the educational community or from the community of Vaqueros.

Later, when the projects have been presented, “the analysis will be done by the commission, by the heads of the department of the different areas, which are six”, also by “the representation of the delegates of the courses, which are 17, and a member of the management team,” he explained. Finally, they will call for a vote in which the members of the school, students, teachers, fathers and mothers, former students, and also anyone in the city who wants to do so, will participate.

Pastrana explained that the general regulation only establishes that the name “must be related to dates, people, or representative events for a community.”

The director said that before, between 2015 and 2016, they had already made a proposal to the Ministry of Education to assign the name “Heroes de Malvinas” to the school, but “it did not prosper” because there were already two educational establishments in the province with the same name. .

Pastrana considered “correct” the proposal for the school to be called “‘Memory, Truth and Justice‘. If it prospers, it is extremely important because it refers to a historical process and our identity,” he said, adding that they work with activities around memory during March, and he himself, as a history teacher, takes up again in this last part of the year the study of what refers to the last dictatorship. La Caldera (neighboring municipality) has a history very close to that of the last dictatorship, in El Gallinato the bodies of the people kidnapped in the last dictatorship were dynamited“, he recalled.

The director said that in the event that Memory, Truth and Justice is the name chosen at the end of the procedure, “it will be the first secondary public institution that will have that name” in the province. “I am promoting it, on the mast we have put the words memory, truth and justice, and on the columns of the courtyard of the institution. For me, every democratic process is the one that guarantees the participation of all people. Our guys, the community is going to be the one to finally tell us if they want to bear this name.“, he asserted.

In 2019, the proposal for the school to be called Memory, Truth and Justice had the support of the president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlottowho stood out as “Fantastic idea and above all persistence”.

Bureaucracy and visibility

“There has never been so much bureaucracy for the name of a school. There are a lot of obstacles, of approvals that we have to have when it is a will of the educational community,” said Arias, who is also a member of the Network of Education Workers for Memory, whose objective is to carry out interdisciplinary pedagogical projects that make reference to recent history.

The teacher said that on Thursday of last week they walked with the students through the Plaza de Vaqueros to make the project visible, “the community agrees”, he pointed. “We went out last Thursday to interview people, to find out what they knew about the coup in Argentina,” he said. He said that they also collected signatures in favor of the project, the girls recorded videos and did interviews, “they interviewed a former Malvinas combatant” who was passing by.

He added that from the network of educators for memory they proposed to process the name of the school through a project before the Chamber of Deputies. However, the teacher considered that this would imply “more bureaucratization” and that “it should not be so complicated to assign a name” to the institution.

The teacher said that they told her that in other schools “anyone puts the name, they don’t present a project and nothing happens.” However, “there is no clear procedure” from the Ministry of Education. She added that during 2022 even the Mayor of Cowboys, Daniel Moreno, signed the endorsement to assign the chosen name to the school.

He also explained that this year they were able to make a memorial mural with the students, they also participated in the acts in tribute to the victims of the Palomitas Massacre. They now have a human rights training planned for the teaching staff. In this way, the institution demonstrates that it has a conducive pedagogical agenda with the proposed name.

Pastrana recalled that years before he had been questioned by denial sectors for allowing activities related to this approach to human rights. For this reason, he requested to be able to carry out this procedure calmly, and that the choice of the name of the institution at the end be respected.

“That it be accepted as part of the will of the entire educational community. The boys are already aware, there is all previous work, the students are internalized. This proposal (for the school to be called Memory, Truth and Justice) even comes from some very committed studentss, also representative within the Cowboys community, speaks well of them, their families and the training they are receiving,” said the director.

Education authorized the process for a school in Cowboys to be called Memory, Truth and Justice | He was chosen by the educational community