Education will have to change the hot water pipes of the Silleda school

While the Xunta designs an ambitious project for the Silleda and A Bandeira CEIPsincidents continue to occur in the first, the result of its antiquity. Due to the lack of a covered patio or the presence of leaks in the dining roomr, yesterday a breakdown required the intervention of municipal services to prevent a flood. It is necessary to change all the hot water pipes in the center, of which the council has already informed the territorial delegation of Education so that they can be replaced as soon as possible.

The councilor, Manuel Cuiña, reported this issue in plenary session and during the debate of one of the PP motions, on the reduction of the toll of the AP-9 and the AP-53. Both the PSOE and the Bloque reminded Ignacio Maril, the popular spokesperson, that the PP was to blame for these tolls and for extending the AP-9 concession until the year 2048. There was no debate on another local PP motion, the that asked not to review the crime of sedition. The councilor explained that this debate did not proceed in a forum such as the municipal plenary session. The local executive abstained and the BNG voted against.

Yes, there was unanimity in the final approval of the List of Work Posts (RPT), which also has the consensus of both the staff and the union organizations. The three political groups congratulated the auditor, Leopoldo Moure, for his work. The socialist executive began working on this document in 2020, and the negotiating table was open in September of last year.

biogas plant

The staff template was also approved, but with the abstention of the two opposition parties. Yesterday, on the other hand and in the government meeting, the call for the stabilization process was approved, which will mean the functionalization of its 37 workers and workers, with another 3 internal promotion positions. This new process will begin with the publication of the call and it is probable that it will last during the first quarter of next year.

PSOE and PP, on the other hand, voted in favor of the 95% bonus from the ICIO to the biogas plant that Frigoríficos Bandeira will build. The Bloc voted against, alluding to the economic solvency of the company. Tania Cornado also made it clear that this firm had no alternative but to build said plant to dispose of its discharges. From the executive, Manuel Cuiña pointed out that this project will serve as a test bench to solve the slurry problem, and highlighted the jobs generated by the company. The PP, although it supported the measure, considered that the social criteria included in the proposal were subjective.

Minute of silence

The plenary session began with a minute of silence in memory of the 38 women murdered for sexist crimes, as well as the 26 boys and girls who have been orphaned. It is a gesture towards the celebration, today, of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. During the plenary session, a PP motion on gender violence was also approved unanimously and was defended by the councilor María Jesús Rodríguez. From the municipal government, the Councilor for Equality, Ángela Troitiño, regretted that it had not been possible to agree on a statement between the three political groups on an issue as important as sexist violence, and recalled that the points included in the motion are already being carried out from local administration.

Education will have to change the hot water pipes of the Silleda school