The school year is about to end, but the situation remains the same at the Jules-Ferry school, at 53, rue Commandant-Paul-Pierre-Clerc, in the Montots district, in Nevers. The representative of parents, Marie-Lou Krieger, one of whose children is in kindergarten, deplores the state of the establishment: “The school is literally withering away. For three years, we have been denouncing it in class councils and with the town hall. But the answers are only good words to reassure us.

“National Education and the town hall pass the buck”, according to Ingrid Teyssier, mother of a child attending elementary school. Sabrina Miletic, representative of the parents of pupils (nursery school), has also already written to the mayor of Nevers, in May 2020, in the midst of Covid-19, worrying about the proper implementation of the protocol of reception of kindergarten students.

thermal problems

“We ourselves made an inventory,” they explain. “Windows do not open, or not open enough. Complaints crumble. Ceilings are leaking or even collapsing. Some classes do not have emergency evacuation to the outside and in elementary, there is no sanitary upstairs, ”assures, list in hand, Marie-Lou Krieger.

“There is carpet on the walls, which can cause asthma in children. Heating problems are recurrent in winter, students keep their coats in class! On the contrary, it is too hot in the summer,” adds Sabrina Miletic. These mothers feel aggrieved: “We wonder if they want to preserve this school, when we see the school sectorization”. “It’s a shame, because we have a top-notch teaching team. Some of them denounce these conditions in council, but they have a right of reservation… Everyone suffers”, they observe.

“We care about this school”

Gilbert Manin, a volunteer with the DDEN association (departmental delegates for National Education), has been appointed to the Jules-Ferry school since 2020. “It is a neighborhood school with potential, there is the gymnasium on site, the children can go to the swimming pool on foot…”, he insists.

He also regrets a lack of human resources: “We ask for the reception of children from 2 and a half years old. We are also asking for reinforcements, because the school welcomes a certain number of allophone children, but it is not classified…” he recalls. All assure him: “A restoration project was presented in 2021, but we have had no feedback, nor a timetable since”. These parents would like to be more involved: “We are keen on this at this school”.

“A major project” led by the municipality

Iris Gallois is deputy mayor, in charge of education. Archival photo Christophe Masson.

The restoration of the Jules-Ferry school was among Denis Thuriot’s promises during his campaign in 2020. More than two years later, his assistant in charge of education, Iris Gallois, assures him: “We have the project on your mind “. This is at the budget study stage: “Several hypotheses are being worked on”. A relocated municipal office took place on September 28, 2021, with the services, the elected officials, “in the presence of the director of the nursery school”.

Iris Gallois calls for patience: “It’s a major project”, which will materialize “ideally before the end of the mandate”, she replies. Instead of opting for temporary solutions, on the windows for example, “might as well redo everything, with long-lasting solutions, sources of energy savings”, she believes. A revision of the sectorization is envisaged, with the Albert-Camus school, which has been the subject of routine maintenance work. The Jules-Ferry school would thus become “a smaller school, which corresponds more to reality”, explains the deputy mayor.

This is the number of children enrolled in the Jules-Ferry kindergarten, divided into four classes. For the start of the school year in September, 94 students are registered.
This is the number of elementary children at the Jules-Ferry school (8 classes). 176 students are registered for the next school year according to figures from the DSDEN, Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education of Nièvre.

Linda Hammer

Education – Parents of students at the Jules-Ferry school in Nevers are worried: “The school is withering away”