SULMONA – “A training school of excellence, richness for the territory, which must be supported and strengthened. So that it opens the doors to schools as much as possible and creates a stable network with the universities of Abruzzo. And then the House of Prison, where agents work every day whose professionalism and self-denial I have once again had the opportunity to appreciate, which guarantee respect for the rights of prisoners but who are burdened by long-standing problems to which immediate and structured solutions must be found ” .

It was a full day with important meanings that today in Sulmona for the deputy of the League, Luigi D’Eramor, re-nominated to the Plurinominal College of the Chamber: the Abruzzese secretary of the Carroccio visited the Training and Refresher School of the Police Corps and the Staff of the Penitentiary Administration and the Prison House of Sulmona, in the province of L’Aquila.

Two meetings strongly desired by the psychologist of the Work Roberta Salvatiof the regional executive of the party together with Antonio De Panfiliswho works in the third department of the party, the Social.

Visit to the Penitentiary Police Training School.

To welcome D’Eramo, accompanied by the regional councilor Antonietta Laportto, the director, Paola Gubbiotti and the department commander of the Institute, Roberto Rovello.

“Thanks to a truly cordial welcome, we got to know at 360 degrees a structure that is a source of pride for our region”, the parliamentarian commented, “in Abruzzo we have one of the eight schools in Italy and right in Sulmona we work tirelessly to ensure ever wider teaching, which has suffered the difficulties of the pandemic but which is now preparing to open its doors to other realities in the area. In Sulmona, one-of-a-kind refresher courses are organized, which adapt to the difficult times in which we live, the training that our prison police officers must have from all points of view, called every day to be security guarantors, often in very severe conditions, understaffed and without adequate tools “.

Visit to the detention house

The one at the detention house for D’Eramo was a return having already been in the structure. In this electoral campaign, the signal launched by the Lega deputy wants to be to respond to the cry of alarm that sometimes comes from structures that suffer from little attention from politics.

The visit took place in maximum safety and in compliance with all the necessary rules in a prison regime. Accompanying the deputy is the acting commander, deputy executive Miriam Di Desidero, who brought greetings from the regent director Stefano Liberatore and the deputy director, the doctor Celeste D’Orazio.

“I met with the trade unions representing the Penitentiary Police and we again discussed the strengthening of the organic plant and the adaptation of the structures to comply with current legislation. Once again I was able to touch the heavy responsibility that these workers carry on their shoulders, who with passion and competence manage very difficult situations, in a structure that needs a definitive intervention that defines it in a lasting time “.

They attended the meeting Mauro Nardella (Uil), Vittorio Pace (Sinappe) e Francesco Tedeschi (Cisl Fns).

“It was difficult to maintain linearity in the action in the Chamber. When the government changes and becomes of great agreement, then we find ourselves having different ideas on fundamental issues. I therefore renew the commitment of the League, which with a strong position within a center-right government, will be able to respond effectively to the demands and requests of the agents ”.

The situation of the Court of Sulmona

The president of the Sulmona Bar Association also participated in the meeting at the Detention House, Luca Tirabassi.

“I gladly accepted the invitation of the Honorable D’Eramo to intervene on the occasion of his visit to the Sulmona Prison and I renewed the request from the Bar Association to commit himself personally and through the leaders of the party, so that the draft laws aimed at the definitive safeguarding of our Court and of the other Abruzzo sub-provinces were immediately re-proposed. I have received ample and convinced availability in this regard ”, the comment of the president of the Tirabassi order.

“I reiterated my commitment to the President to work on a definitive solution for the Tribunal. After the extensions granted in emergency situations, now with a political government we must necessarily go back to a design of judicial geography that is not current and that does not represent the real needs of the territory ”, concluded the secretary of the Abruzzo League.