Enrique Castillo presents his candidacy for the Presidency of the College of Nursing of Córdoba

The candidacy Enrique Castillo The Value of Commitment, headed by the one who has been acting president since 2020 of Official College of NursingCordovaattends the elections to elect the positions of the institution’s representative bodies (the Executive Commission, headed by the College Presidency plus six other members; and the Plenary Commission, with 24 members), which will be held next December 12th.

Enrique Castillo Cabelloa nurse expert in vaccinology and currently dedicated to the free exercise of the profession after years of experience at the Reina Sofía University Hospital and in Primary Care in Córdoba, leads a committed team made up mostly of nurses -20 of the 31 positions to be chosen-, representative of all areas and specialties of nursing in Cordoba, with professionals from both the public and private and subsidized sectors.

A renewed candidacy with almost 70% new faces“to continue with the change that has already begun and promoted in recent years at the College, and with the defense for the improvement of the profession,” says the candidate for president, who stresses that this team is also a reflection “and will promote and vindicate the four great tasks of nursing: care, teaching, research and management”.

The program of this candidacy is articulated around a series of new commitments in four great pillars: commitments with the profession; with the value, professional and work recognition and visibility of nurses; management commitments; and commitments to promote and improve the services that the College offers to all professionals.

Among these commitments, the creation of a new Advisory Council made up of expert nurses in their field of work, as the new advisory body and active participation of the College. “A Council for this new project based on the experience and knowledge of professionals throughout the province, to continue transforming our College,” says Castillo.

Also, this candidacy commitment to nursing research as a way to transform and improve the care provided to Cordovan society, adding to the current aid and distinctions of the College new awards such as the best TFR of EIR resident nurses, the best TFM (master’s degree), and scholarships for doctoral student internships and for resident rotation.

All this without forgetting the social commitment, with the creation of a new Comprehensive Nursing Care Program, aimed at those professionals who have suffered accidents at work, workplace assaults, occupational risks and stress, Covid, depression, etc.; and new aid for nurses who are victims of gender violence, among other initiatives.

The transparency in management and in the use of resources it is also fundamental for this team, for which reason it will continue, together with other measures, with the presentation of audits of the accounts of each financial year before the General Board of Collegiates; as was done for the first time in the last Meeting in which the budgets for this year 2022 were approved, in which the satisfactory report of the audits of the four previous years was presented.

“The members of the Enrique Castillo El Valor del Compromiso candidacy make a call for participation in these elections of all Cordovan nurses, who in addition to going to vote at the headquarters of the College located at Velázquez Bosco Street, 3, in Córdoba; they can also make use of their right to vote by mail”, they indicate from the candidacy.

Enrique Castillo presents his candidacy for the Presidency of the College of Nursing of Córdoba