Everything is ready at the Lozère Music School for a flawless recovery

The Departmental School of Music of Lozère (EDML) offers courses at its twelve branches.

At the Lozère Departmental School of Music (EDML), the start of the school year is being actively prepared. With the hope that this time, health contingencies will not upset the year. Admittedly, the EDML, under the direction of Éric Parra, has succeeded in adapting to distance learning, with teachers offering courses by video or even simply by telephone for those who do not have a correct internet connection. Admittedly, the EDML has awarded a prize to the students. But this year, from start to finish, we want music to be learned… live!

Wide selection of instruments

The twelve antennas, disseminated on the territory of Lozère, since as its name indicates it the school is very departmental, are ready. At the headquarters, located in Mende, registrations have begun. Meetings will follow to reserve instrument slots with teachers. And the choice is vast, since around thirty teachers offer a panel of 17 instruments, to which are added choirs. And musical training.

The EDML is referenced as a conservatory by the Ministry of Culture, which guarantees a certain quality of teaching, with qualified teachers and pedagogues. Here, the musical training courses are inseparable from the registration in the course of instrument. “It’s not just music theoryexplains the administrative director, Brigitte Viguier. There is singing, listening, rhythm… Making music without musical training is a bit like wanting to pass your driving license without the highway code.”

The EDML is accessible from the age of 5 through early learning classes. Then, if the range of instruments is vast, that of musical styles is just as wide, classical, jazz, current music, rock… It also offers rehearsal studios for music groups, who can also organize recordings.

Finally, to ensure its departmental influence, twelve antennas are installed on the territory. “Our teachers go there to get closer to the students. This ensures an equal quality of teaching, over a large part of the department“, insists Brigitte Viguier.

The start of the school year

First, contact the EDML secretariat on 04 66 65 13 38 or go to the edml.lozere.fr website to complete the pre-registration form. In a second step, you have to go to one of the following meetings, in particular for the allocation of slots for instrument lessons. Back-to-school meetings are held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. September 1: Marvejols, the Sheepfold; Pont-de-Montvert, town hall. September 2: Florac, Green Genet; Villefort, multipurpose room. September 5: Chanac, Saint-Jean-Baptiste room; La Canourgue, multipurpose room. September 6: Meyrueis, municipal gymnasium; Grandrieu, town hall. September 7: Le Massegros, town hall; Mende, for synths, piano, organ, diatonic accordion, vocals, cello, violin, at the EDML. September 8: Mende, for drums, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, brass, transverse flute, at the EDML; Langogne, home of associations. September 9: Sainte-Énimie, association room. Youth Pass and Culture Pass accepted. Classes resume on September 12.

Everything is ready at the Lozère Music School for a flawless recovery