Families block national highway in Valledupar due to change of operator in school

Some twenty parents, leaders and students from the César Pompeyo Mendoza Educational Institution in Valledupar blocked this Wednesday the road that connects Valledupar with Bosconia.

The sit-in obeys the decision of the Municipal Government after appointing the Diocese of the capital of Cesar as the operator of this school.

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“The school operates with resources from the National Government. The bidding ended last year and the mayor’s office added another year. Until December 30, 2022, they said that we continued with the same operator. On the 31st they told us that the administration had to be handed over to the Diocese, ”argued a teacher from the César Pompeyo Mendoza Educational Institution in Valledupar, who preferred to omit his name.

The protesters allege that for 12 years the institution had been administered by the Minuto de Dios Corporation, which, according to the community, provides quality comprehensive education, grants scholarships and leads social responsibility projects that favor low-income students.

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“We give students free modules, the right to a degree is free for any student, we sponsor up to 90 percent of the ICFES test courses. We lead a social responsibility project, where we recycle school supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, books, and give them to students who have no way to buy them”, commented a teacher.

The local Secretary of Education spoke out, alleging that the Diocese has been developing with the municipal administration several pedagogical processes in rural and urban areas, guaranteeing educational quality.

“The Procurement Committee of the municipal administration determined to unify the operator of the contracts for the promotion and implementation of strategies for pedagogical development to be held with churches in the mega-schools,” explained the Municipal Education Secretariat.

It also highlights that the Diocese of Valledupar is an entity that has autonomy and legal representative in this municipality, which operates satisfactorily in the Ricardo González and Andrés Escobar mega-schools, located in the La Nevada and Villa Jaidith neighborhoods, respectively.

“In the rural area of ​​Villa Germania it also operates, which allows guaranteeing educational quality,” emphasizes the secretariat.

However, what has been proposed by the municipal administration does not convince the hundreds of parents, leaders and the educational community.

Both operators belong to
religious confessions of the catholic church

they belong to the catholic church and it is sad because a division is being generated. The Diocese administers two mega-schools and now wants ours…

According to them, in the ranking of the pedagogical levels recently evaluated and analyzed by the Ministry of National Education for the country’s schools, the César Pompeyo Mendoza Educational Institution is above the mega-schools administered by the Diocese of Valledupar.

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“César Pompeyo at the departmental level occupies level 25 (280 points). Ricardo Gonzáles 37 (267 points) and Andrés Escobar 60 (257 points). At the departmental level, César Pompeyo occupies the 6th position and Ricardo González 8th. So, what quality does the mayor’s office speak to us about”, highlighted another teacher from the César Pompeyo Institution.

The complexity of this situation is that both operators belong to religious denominations of the Catholic Church. The above, says the educational community, divides the pedagogical criteria.

“Both belong to the Catholic Church and it is sad because a division is being generated. The Diocese already manages two mega-schools and now it wants ours, since we are more positioned than those operated by the curia”, argues another teacher.

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Families block national highway in Valledupar due to change of operator in school