Farewell to the ‘soul’ of the British Project at the Sa Graduada school

The teaching staff of the CEIP Sa Graduada de Maó has announced that Danny Rosethe native English-speaking teacher who She had been a linguistic advisor for the bilingual program for 23 years., has stopped teaching classes by order of the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Government. The center, which develops the British Hispanic integrated curriculum of the agreement between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) and the British Council since September 1997, has been asking for years that the project be stabilized and that the changes be announced in time. Now, from the school they also ask that Dany Rose’s employment situation be regularized.

Until last year, this native British teacher held aOne of the two vacancies for language advisors called by the MECD for the agreement with the British Council. As he depended on the Ministry, he was considered a labor force, so his contract could not last more than three years. Even so, and for 23 years, she has been signing an annual renewable one. On day 15, she having joined her job on day 1, they told him that his employment contract was illegal and that, therefore, he was in an irregular situation and that he could not return to his job at the center.

The one who warned her was Amanda Camps, the director of CEIP Sa Graduada. Dany Rose assures that she has not received any official notification informing her that she has been fired. “But I have seen that my place was made public and has already been assigned,” she laments. From the educational center of Maó they confirm that both her place and the other one are already occupied, although not by native language advisors, but by teachers specialized in English.

Stabilization Law

As a result of the Stabilization Law, the Conselleria notified the school that I would change one of the two language advisor positions to a specialist teacher in English. “In May they told us that the other square, Dany’s, would remain intact,” says Amanda Camps, the director of CEIP Sa Graduada. However, this has not turned out to be the case and the two positions called by the MECD are currently being filled by two specialists in English.

From the educational center they warn that the bilingual program involves a specific methodology, knowledge and experience that are now lost with the “unexpected” dismissal of Dany Rose. “This situation affects us all both personally and organizationally at the school,” warns Amanda Camps, who also regrets that with these types of events “the essence of British is being lost.”

In this sense, from the faculty of the CEIP Sa Graduada show their “total disagreement” with what happened and demand that the administrations find a solution so that Dany Rose, who taught with “involvement and educational quality”, can return to the center as soon as possible. They argue that she has acted “hastily and without prior notice”, misconfiguring the program that they initially planned for this 2022/23 academic year.

Farewell to the ‘soul’ of the British Project at the Sa Graduada school