From hydrogen buses to school canteens: the map of the 60 million from the Pnrr to Ravenna

About fifty interventions in the capital municipality: a fifth of the resources for the Casa della Salute in the Darsena, 10 million for the small roads of the baths, 8 for a new school, 5 for the swimming pool

A rendering of the Casa della Salute in Ravenna Darsena

The extraordinary plan of funds from the European Union intended to support the recovery of the states from the Covid pandemic – known as Next Generation Eu – will bring about 60 million euros to the Municipality of Ravenna for around fifty interventions. They are those approved by Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and Pnc (National Plan for Complementary Investments), the Italian version of the EU plan.

The themes at the heart of the projects that will be implemented in Ravenna for the growth and sustainable development of the entire community between now and the next few years include social and health, culture, tourism and nature, school, sport, youth, rights, digital, port and mobility. The Municipality presented the complete list at a public meeting at the Alighieri theater on 16 November.

A team effort with other institutional subjects – Region, Port Authority, Ausl, Parco del Delta, Province, other Municipalities of the province, Acer – should allow the municipal territory to benefit from resources for around 280 million for public interest projects.

SOCIAL AND HEALTH Among the actions that can be implemented in terms of support for the most vulnerable, we recall the increase in emergency temporary accommodation services, but also the accompaniment paths for people with disabilities and for the autonomy of non self-sufficient elderly people, as well as the strengthening of home services. The importance of the Casa della Salute project in the Darsena should be underlined, under the responsibility of the Romagna local health authority, which alone will benefit from a fifth of the 60 million.

SCHOOL Seismic and energy improvement interventions (partly already completed), two new canteens for three schools (Rodari primary school, Valgimigli secondary school and Pasini primary school, for a total contribution of 1.5 million), two new nursery schools (4 million), a new at Ponte Nuovo to replace the current primary Ceci and Gulminelli (8 million). To these interventions must be added those by the Province for Olivetti-Callegari, Morigia and Scientifico (8.5 million). And finally, the resources available directly to institutions for programs to combat early school leaving, new laboratory-classrooms and innovative teaching.

TOURISM AND NATURE The territorial regeneration operation stands out with the redevelopment of the narrow streets of the baths on the nine liti which will be made pedestrian (10 million). In the context of the Po Delta Park, included in the list of the country’s great cultural attractions, work will be carried out on an extensive system project which for Ravenna means arranging the routes and improving the use of the pine forest of San Vitale, the Pialasse and the museums naturalistic (Ca’ Aie di Classe and Palazzone di Sant’Alberto). From the Pnrr, through the Emilia-Romagna Region, important resources then arrive for the construction of the Adriatic Cycle Path (project to enhance tourism on a national scale connecting Trieste and Santa Maria di Leuca) and further resources for cycle paths in the Ravenna beaches (7,7 millions). SPORT The sports facilities will be more innovative, efficient and inclusive, with the implementation of long-awaited interventions: the energy efficiency of the Pala De André (1.4 million), the creation of the Bike Park inside the former racecourse ( 2) and the new municipal swimming pool (5).

CULTURE In addition to the interventions already mentioned regarding the naturalistic museums, interventions will be carried out on the three city theaters – Alighieri, Rasi and Almagià – which will be upgraded from the point of view of energy efficiency. It was possible to nominate these interventions thanks to the teamwork with Ravenna Manifestazioni and Ravenna Teatro, which respectively manage the Alighieri and Rasi theatres.

DIGITAL The Municipality of Ravenna will activate 90 new online public services and will also take care of bringing citizens closer to the conscious use of digital technology (with the Digital Civil Service for example). Finally, an investment is foreseen to undertake the so-called secure migration to the cloud.

PORT The strategic importance of the port infrastructure and its sustainable development was recognized with the assignment of 184 million to the Port Authority, for the deepening of the Candiano and Baiona canals, the construction of a cold ironing station for the cruise terminal and the “Zero Entry” project.

SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY Ravenna counts on an important loan for the purchase of 13 zero-emission buses (7 million) and for road works, some of which have already been completed.

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From hydrogen buses to school canteens: the map of the 60 million from the Pnrr to Ravenna