Giuliani: “Covid measures at school? Only in autumn will it be possible to evaluate. On the increase in teachers’ salaries, everyone agrees, but it will be difficult”

Speaking at Radio Cusano Campus, in the director’s usual corner, Alessandro Giulianidirector of the School techniquetook the opportunity to congratulate students and teachers on the occasion of the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year.


No obligation to wear a mask on the horizon, at least for now

Giuliani he then discussed about the back to school without masks after two years, between doubts and enthusiasm: “The impression is that there is no nostalgia for the mask at all, at least among the students, except for some cases of fragile pupils. There is no kind of afterthought or regret towards the mask. Different thing among teachers, of which there is a good 10% who wear it even just out of caution ”.

“I think these days are not an important test as it is still very hot, the windows are open perpetually, so you are in an environment that is all in all safe according to the indications of the virologists. The problem will arise in the autumn, when the first influences will arrive and we will begin to keep the windows closed. We remind you that only 3% of Italian schools are equipped with ventilation systems. That will be the moment – continued our director Giuliani – in which we will evaluate, it also depends on how much Covid will start running again. There could be situations of return to stricter rules, such as the enhanced and recommended distancing, no longer optional. We could also return, we implore it, to double shifts and staggered schedules. At the moment the situation is calm and we proceed in these first days of school very peacefully ”.

Will the promises of the politicians about the school remain so?

And then Giuliani made an overview of the proposals brought to the field by politicians about school: “On the part of the Democratic Party there was a strong campaign on salary increases for teachers. It was pointed out that the Democratic Party is the architect of the latest school reforms on recruitment and training. One wonders why they have not flinched at this juncture. Even Bianchi himself, a technical minister, is part of the same reference area. Other workhorses of the party are the fight against precariousness, Erasmus, compulsory schooling up to the age of majority. All this would involve outlays that go well beyond the 8-10 billion Letta referred to ”.

“On the other hand, we have the center-right which is very ‘centered’ on non-state schools, given the closure of many peer institutions due to factors linked to Covid. In terms of hiring and recruiting, there is a greater focus on the enhancement of personnel not through a rain increase for everyone but through a career in school, the so-called ‘middle management’. There is also a very important difference on the ‘ius scholae’ issue, a point on which the League in particular remains very firm, wanting to maintain the threshold of 18 years to gain access to Italian citizenship ”, explained the director.

The latter is somewhat skeptical abouteffective possibility of realizing these promises: “Everyone agrees on the salary increase with a variant relating to merit. Then there is the knot of training that must be elevated for all, continuing in the wake of law 107 on ongoing training to be implemented for all teachers. In a condition of extreme national and international economic and political difficulty, one wonders how all these very expensive projects can then be realized, given that in the last 10-15 years the school has been identified as a sector on which to save. A fact remains: to finance all this it would take more than a financial one. How could all this come about in a moment of great difficulty? ”.

Italian schools are the same as two years ago

Finally, the speaker asked the director to comment on some statements from the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, according to which the care of school environments is the responsibility of the Municipalities and Provinces. Here is the answer of Giuliani: “It should be remembered that the MI has issued guidelines in particular on the management of aerators, identifying the ARPA as an institutional body to which the managers should have contacted. These have done so but ARPA has communicated that it does not have the technical structures nor the practical capacity to be able to act in a context in which there is no indication on the polluting limits, on the types of viruses to be identified and so on. According to ARPA estimates, it would take 7 years to verify the status of our more than 40 thousand complexes. The fact is that the schools remain those of two years ago, before Covid. This is the sad reality ”, he concluded.

Giuliani: “Covid measures at school? Only in autumn will it be possible to evaluate. On the increase in teachers’ salaries, everyone agrees, but it will be difficult” – PODCAST