“Go on strike, it’s climate school”: Marie Desplechin’s appeal

Be reasonable. Don’t go to class. Write it down. Friday, September 23, you have School strike for the climate.

If you are asked to justify yourself, follow the example of your elders. Five years ago, at the end of August, instead of going to middle school, a ninth grade student would sit alone in front of the Swedish Parliament, with a hand-written sign.

The sequel after the ad

By relaying the studies of climate specialists, Greta Thunberg called on the decision-makers of her country to take measures to preserve life on our planet. Real measures, courageous, effective, not formulas invented by communicators to make people forget that we wash our hands of it.

“I want you to panic”: advocated by Greta Thunberg, does panic have mobilizing virtues?

She was saying out loud that she was scared, and that she was angry. She was so brave, so determined… We heard her. She went to explain herself to parliaments, in a number of countries, to the UN. She was applauded, she was booed. And the whole scientific community was on his side. However, neither the policies of the countries, nor those of the big international companies have changed. Worse: every year since, the emissions of greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming, have increased… as have the disgusting profits of those who are responsible for them!

The warming is here, clearly, and it’s terrifying

What has changed, however, is people’s opinions. For years, we could pretend not to see anything, and even (for some) swear that global warming didn’t exist… It’s over. Whole countries are dying of thirst, heat, are ravaged by floods, storms and fires. The water in the seas rises, that in the rivers disappears, the seas heat up, the soils die. Species, one by one, become rare and disappear. Our last summer was the hottest on record in Europe, marked by drought, fires and torrential thunderstorms. The warming is here, clearly, and it is terrifying. Greta has become millions. Millions of people who are scared and angry.

Five years ago, in November, young people aged 13, 15, 17 or 19, on all continents, adopted the School Strike for the climate and marched in the streets to shout that they did not want to wait any longer and let it be. We know today that they are the ones who are on the side of truth and reason. They and they who have courage and determination. They and they who will finally win…

The sequel after the ad

Naomi Klein: “The voice of Greta Thunberg legitimizes the terror we repress”

Because, yes, strikes end up winning. With markets, exchanges, actions. They are a powerful way to come together, to be seen and heard. The past shows us that it is the courageous and determined crowds who manage to change their destiny.

This strike, do it for you. For your violated right to live a decent life, to pass on to your descendants a living planet. For your future sold off to laziness and greed. To defend yourself against fear too, which depresses and paralyzes. Against it, no better remedy has been found than action, especially when it is shared. Do it for us too, your parents and grandparents, and even your teachers. Your youth inspires us, it legitimizes us, it arms us. Friday, September 23, we will be on the street with you.

To participate in the strike, register on the card available at this address: https://fridaysforfuturefrance.fr/

Appeal signatories

Emily Loizeauartist, author, composer and singer
Lea Fredeval, author, screenwriter and director
Estelle Meyer, actress, singer, poet
Yael Naim, artist, songwriter and singer
Sandra Nkakeartist, songwriter and singer
Gauvain Sers, author, composer, performer
Corina, author, composer, performer
Philip Torreton, actor
Dominica A. singer, songwriter, composer

Lucia Lucas, actress

“Go on strike, it’s climate school”: Marie Desplechin’s appeal