Grenoble: the installation of 5G antennas near a school in the Île Verte district worries parents

New 5G antennas in the city of Grenoble located near homes and especially a school lead to the mobilization of parents of students. They claim that measurements of electromagnetic waves be carried out. They were mobilized this Saturday, June 18 in the morning in front of one of the schools in the district.

They are there, camouflaged under white chimneys. In the green island district in Grenoble, two potentially 5G telephone antennas have recently appeared in the landscape: “I learned that a large farmhouse was going to be installed, then on June 7th a crane arrived and I attended the installation of the antennas,” says Claudine, a resident of the neighborhood for nearly 20 years.

From her balcony, she now has a view of the two new fireplaces: “I find that the view is limited. Besides, it’s a little weird that they hide these antennas”Claudine tells us perplexed. But what the resident regrets the most is the lack of consultation:What bothers me is that we have not been concerted at all, I find that this is borderline inadmissible in a city that claims to be a green city.

A few hundred meters from these branches, the Paul-Bert primary school. Here too, the installation of these antennas worries. This Saturday morning, a dozen parents of students organized a demonstration in front of the school: “What worries us are the repercussions this could have on the children and the inhabitants of the district. So we know that we have to live with the times and new technologies, but there are a lot of things that escape us, says Gaëlle Vigne, parent of a student “before adding, “It’s surprising, we are in a country of freedom, of democracy where we try to think about the life of a district, the life of a city, of an agglomeration and there, we have the impression of having to undergo the full brunt of the decisions that have been made on a building on a private scale. That’s what upset and worried us.”

Like the inhabitants, the parents of students denounce the lack of consultation around this project: “We are here to show that it cannot be done without consulting the people of the neighborhood. Of course, now, it is too late, this antenna, it is posed. From now on, we want to have guarantees that measurements will be taken regularly.

Today what the parents of pupils and the inhabitants of the district of the green island are asking for is to apply the precautionary principle and therefore that measurements of electromagnetic waves be carried out: “We are not asking for the demolition of the antennas. We ask for several wave measurements per year in the school to check that the levels comply with the European regulations set out in French law. We are asking for public awareness before projects such as this one through consultation,” concludes Delphine Brun, parent of a student.

In a press release published this Saturday afternoon, the city of Grenoble announces its support for parents of students and requests a serious study of the impacts before any deployment of 5G: “The City of Grenoble therefore strongly supports the request of the parents of pupils of the Paul Bert school refusing the installation of potentially 5G telephone antennas near the school group. The City will seize the Prefect of Isère for the implementation place of a meeting of the departmental consultation body in order to establish a mediation on this file as soon as possible.

In this press release, the town hall of Grenoble explains that since 2014 it has prohibited the installation of antennas near sensitive establishments. A decision that was overturned by the administrative court.

Grenoble: the installation of 5G antennas near a school in the Île Verte district worries parents