This Sunday, November 20, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated. As every year, the Champagnat Marist Center in Guadalajara will commemorate this event with a series of activities that will take place throughout the week (14 to 20 November). This course and under the motto “Smile from the heart, build peace”, activities will be carried out in each course in order to sensitize the educational community giving prominence to the little ones and adolescents.

The activities of each day will be significant and highly pedagogical (texts and images to reflect on, videos, songs, comics, prayers, research papers, collages…).

Within the framework of this celebration of the Rights of the Child, this Monday, November 14, Rosa Ana Rodríguez Pérez, Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Castilla-La Mancha, has delivered in Toledo Ángel de las Heras Cuenca, director of the school , the level II Advanced recognition that UNICEF grants to this educational center for its policies and actions to promote and care for children, considering it a REFERENCE CENTER IN EDUCATION ON CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.

These days, the center celebrates the week of the Rights of the Child with several activities of its own creation with which it is intended to raise awareness and educate children and young people of all educational stages. The Marist institution, with the collaboration of the ONGD SED and the Edelvives Foundation, created an interactive campaign seven years ago with characters called “Guardians of rights”, who have been the protagonists of comics, videos, songs, posters and, especially , of a series of didactic units that are renewed every year with a different motto.

This school year the students of this Marist center will learn and reflect on the rights of children with the motto “Smile from the heart, build peace”, and they will focus on this right that implies the guarantee of the rest of the rights included in the Convention of children’s rights. “Children can only develop, grow and enjoy their rights in healthy environments. As set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, realizing children’s rights through an all-encompassing approach to achieving a healthy environment is critical to realizing human rights, well-being and a sustainable planet”i .

The material is personalized for each school stage: the youngest students learn with the “Mini Guardians of Rights” and in all courses there are teaching units for the five days of the week. All the resources can be found on the blog of the Iberian Marist Province

With all these activities, the Marist institution intends to join the initiatives to raise awareness about the fundamental rights of children around the world that are carried out internationally on the occasion of November 20, Universal Children’s Day established in 1989. in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.

Guadaqué – The Champagnat Marist school in Guadalajara receives recognition from Unicef