Hall of residence or university residence in Pamplona?

Among the options available is the choice between a residence hall or a university residence. Pamplona not only has a wide academic offer when it comes to choosing a degree, but also a wide range of possibilities to choose a residence hall or university residence.

Both residence halls and university residences offer accommodation for students and, in general, offer the option of choosing between single rooms and shared rooms.

However, residence halls are usually much more rigorous and strict, compared to the flexibility offered by university residences.

Hiring flexibility

One of the great advantages of a university residence like that of mycampus is the flexibility when contracting accommodation. In a residence hall it is necessary to contract for complete courses, while in university residences shorter periods can normally be contracted.

This makes university residences a perfect option when students travel to take courses of limited duration or for those who have a blended learning regime or can or need to do part of the course online.

Different types of internal regulations

On the other hand, the regulations in a residence hall are, in general, much stricter. This does not mean that university residences do not have internal regulations, but rather that they are more flexible.

Normally, the residence halls are attached not only to a university and/or a religious order. This means that the ideology and values ​​of the institution are transferred to the residence hall. This is neither good nor bad. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Food service

In addition, in the university residences, with in the university residence mycampus pamplona You can hire or not the meal service, which gives you the freedom to eat wherever you want and not make your schedule subject to the meal schedule of the residence.


Normally, university residences have cheaper prices. In addition, some residences offer different options when choosing a room. And this does not only have to do with choosing a single or shared room, but rather the type of room (with more services, better location, etc.).

Many people are unaware that university residences are regulated by law, just like residence halls. This is a security guarantee for each person choosing the residence halls as an accommodation option during higher education.

Specifically, there are two laws that regulate this type of establishment:

  • Royal Decree 1791/2010, of December 30, which approves the Statute of the University Student.
  • Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, on Universities, modified by Organic Law 4/2007, of April 12.

Knowing that university residences are regulated is something that gives a lot of peace of mind and confidence when choosing these facilities.

Many university students opt for a shared flat. In many cases, this decision is made for an economic issue. Although, in reality, a shared apartment is not always cheaper than a university residence.

In addition, university residences have many advantages, for a price very similar to what a shared flat can cost. The following stand out:

  • You live in community, but independently.
  • You have common areas where you can meet more students and share experiences.
  • The facilities are modern, as well as the furniture.
  • Many residences include bed linen and room cleaning in their offer.
  • You have the security of living in a controlled place, but flexible at the same time, with reference people in case you have any kind of problem.
  • The university residences are strategically located, very close to the study centers and well connected by public transport.
  • The student is spared the obligation to do many tasks (cooking, cleaning…), which saves him a lot of time.
  • Some residences have interesting complementary services, such as a parking space.
  • Students have a private bathroom, and they only have to share it with their roommate (and only if they are in a shared room).

In addition, the environment of a university residence in Pamplona helps young people to learn and mature, as well as to meet new people, not only from other cities or other countries, but also from other careers. This is essential to broaden the students’ vision of the world and also to begin to weave a network of contacts that will be very enriching, personally and professionally, for the future.

Hall of residence or university residence in Pamplona?