He bought some shoes for a friend who was bullied at school

The story of the two high school students has gone viral for being a gesture of generosity and empathy

The event occurred a few days ago at a secondary school, Buffalo Creek Academylocated in the state of New York, in USA. Its protagonists, Romello -whom everyone calls “Mello”- Early and Melvin Anderson, study 7th grade at their school and are very close friends.

Very worn shoes

Weeks after the start of the course, Mello noticed that his friend Melvin was criticized by other classmates for the fact that his sneakers were too worn. They even laughed at him and made hurtful comments.

mello he could not bear this situation of harassment towards his friend. In fact, he had also suffered some incident at his school due to his short stature. So fully empathized with your friend instantly.

He decided call your mother immediately and between sobs he told him that he was tired of living that annoying situation and that he couldn’t stand it when nobody laughed at his friend: “I really need to talk to you because my friend is being harassed and I’m tired.”

Mello used his pay

So, in an act of generosity, Mello proposed to his mother, Anita James, use your pay money to buy Melvin a new pair of sneakers. Also, he suggested that they take away one of his Christmas presents so they could buy his friend a new pair of shoes. He was ready to give up his gifts!

After buying them, Mello went to bed earlier so he could wake up early the next day and go to school a little earlier. This way he could deliver the slippers to his friend, away from prying eyes. And so he did.

However, shortly after giving the shoes to his friend, Buffalo Creek Academy Dean of Culture Bryant Brown Jr called him into his office.

His teacher was moved

Brown told him that he had seen Melvin with a box of Nike shoes around school. And when he asked what was in the box, he showed him that it was a new pair of shoes. And he added that it was his friend Mello who had bought them for him, a gesture that made Brown “I will cry with emotion.”

In addition, Mello also explained that he bought them with his allowance, Brown said. The teacher decided to photograph the two children posing together and suggesting that Melvin show the camera the new pair of sneakers. he wanted power remember this moment so touching lived in his school.

The post went viral

In addition, Bryant Brown sought permission from the children’s parents to share the image on your Facebook staff and added the message: “My student Melo told me that he was tired of other students teasing Melvin about his shoes. Melo used his pay and bought his friend some shoes. It is for gestures like this that I live 💯 💯 to be that helping hand.

the publication It didn’t take long for it to go viral. on Facebook and garnered more than 22,000 likes, was shared 19,000 times, and received more than 2,200 comments.

Brown was surprised to see that his publication caused such a stir and was liked so much and affirmed that it was really a kind gesture that he had never seen in his life: «We are only used to seeing it on YouTube. But seeing this act of kindness in Buffalo Creek left me speechless.”

Media appearance

Both the school and Professor Brown and the children’s families were impressed by the response to his moving story.

The testimony of the two children even caught the attention of the local organization candles in the sun, which tries to help neighbors, families and young people from different communities. This organization awarded Mello and Melvin with tickets to attend a Buffalo Bills football game to celebrate the good deed.

Also, the story has appeared in the media as in the Washington Post newspaper, or national or local television networks, such as CBS News or Today.

School involved in the community

The Buffalo Creek Academy is a public, independent and free school located in the city of Buffalo (NY) and this academic year serves students in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade but intends to reach 12th and prepare their students for the university.

As they include in itsideology, its mission is to positively impact the community through civic engagement programs integrated into the curriculum. They want the school to involve children, beyond the classroom and add on their website “We believe that joy is an essential part of learning!”.

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He bought some shoes for a friend who was bullied at school