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The soccer player takes his three young children to a top-level educational institution, which is also justified by its high fee. How much does the Flea spend for his children’s education?

Leo Messi landed in Paris more than a year ago. He has already spent a season defending the colors of PSG and the team vibrates with his talent after one of the most important passes in football in recent decades with the Argentine star leaving the historic Barcelona to stop in the French capital.

Beyond the star’s relationship with his teammates, where he shares a team with his friend Neymar and is together with other figures such as Mbappé, Marquinhos, Verratti, Sergio Ramos, Hakimi and others, the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner also had to adapt to a new life with his arrival at the French club.

With this adaptation they had to accommodate to several changes, and one of those is the school that the children of Messi Y Antonella Roccuzzothe little ones Thiago (9 years), Matthew (7) and Cyrus (4). From the first moment the objective was to find the best education for them, also knowing that they had to catch up with the change of language, and they did not hesitate to go for the costly but profitable.

The sons of the flea they were enrolled in the American School of Paris, an exclusive international school located in Saint Cloud, on the outskirts of the capital, about 9 kilometers from the Eiffel Tower. The institution has endless variables to highlight, always at a top level and where art, music and theater classes and sports are not lacking. It has about 800 students from more than 60 nationalities, with a cultural diversity of more than 30 languages ​​for this community.

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Now, how much does this school cost? Faced with a tremendous educational proposal, it is clear that a high cost would have to be paid. From the start, in order to apply for a vacancy, you must first pay a mandatory and non-refundable fee of 1,400 euros. On the other hand, a student fee of 12,200 euros must be paid, which is charged only for the first year and is used to maintain the school.

Enrollment for children over five years of age Thiago Y Matthew is 30,400 euros. Meanwhile, for those under that range, such as Cyrus the cost is 19,000 euros. The place also offers English classes for non-natives for 5,490 euros.

There is another extra piece of information: the school has state-of-the-art guards, alarms and cameras, since in addition to the little ones Messi Many other children of businessmen and celebrities from select families also attend. To meet all these costs, parents have to pay an annual fee of 1,700 euros per student. Altogether, the Messi they will pay at least 111,500 euros a year ($24 million) for the education of the little ones.

At a structural level, the institution is a four-hectare campus that has everything: modern classrooms with lots of natural light and surrounded by greenery, several soccer and basketball fields, two complete gyms, two libraries with more than 2,000 volumes, two cafeterias “with French chefs and organic food” and recreational spaces with games worthy of the best neighborhood squares. A true luxury.

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It has dozens of extracurricular activities such as yoga, ceramics, theater, music and even film classes. The school makes a great focus on the use of new technologies and has laboratories equipped with professional printers, programmable robots, among other things. They also have programming and chess clubs.







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