How to create successful videos for your school

Without a doubt, the best channels for schools are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest in some cases, as well as Linkedin when we talk about continuing education institutes or departments.

The idea, of course, is to create videos that “Educate your Client”, that is, in which you explain your differentials, your programs, how they benefit them and how they can take better advantage of them.

Here are some examples of what you can do. Remember that videos are a weekly job, and we are talking mainly about Micro-Videos of no more than 60 seconds so that you can use them on all platforms.

When you make videos of more than a minute, think that the best platform to share them will then be YouTube and your own Blog.

And also consider that your videos must be well edited, attractive and professional. Don’t forget to include an intro at the beginning of no more than 5 seconds and an outro of no more than 5 seconds.

Include your brand slogan in these intros, as well as your logo.

Videos to remove objections

Remember that the objections can be real or the perception of something, so you must take both into account. Create videos where you discuss the most common objections of your clients when they ask for reports or when they are comparing you with other schools. Here students examples of the topics:

Tuition is very expensive

It’s too far from where I live

I don’t like the facilities

There are very few students

They do not have a bilingual system

I had never heard of them

They do not have language certifications

The idea is that in videos of no more than 60 seconds you answer these and more objections positively.

Success Stories Videos

Highlight the success stories of your school, with students, parents, teachers, administrators and graduates. They are all part of your community and they all help you position yourself. Tell your stories creatively! Think about who your Buyer Persona is and what kind of story would they like to hear? Formal? fun? sentimental? all? Try making different videos. Here students examples of the topics:

He arrived with low self-esteem and now he is the leader of his group

She arrived with low grades and now, thanks to the tutors, she was accepted by the university she wanted

He was admitted to the university he wanted, he passed the exam out of xxxx number of applications

He had no friends and now he’s surrounded by a whole community

He couldn’t find what he wanted to be in life and the school program helped him achieve his dreams
We had many problems with our son, and thanks to the attention of the school he is doing better

The idea is that in videos of no more than 60 seconds where you tell stories of your clients in an attractive way, you can use testimonials, you can have a teacher or manager talk about the story or you can animate it with drawings.

Differential Emotional Videos

These types of videos are mandatory for every school. You must educate about your differential, about all the characteristics that make your school unique. Here students examples of the topics:

Educational model (Please explain it for students or parents, not for educators)

Program or Agenda or Subjects

Videos of each subject you will take (talk about what you can expect from them)

Benefits of a Specialized Program in Arts and Humanities

Facilities and laboratories

Classroom and sample of a real class

Location and transportation from different points of the city

atmosphere in events

environment in travel

The idea is that in videos of no more than 60 seconds you educate about what you do at your school, what makes it different. It is extremely important that you are consistent with mentioning your offer differential in all videos, as well as your name and website.

I hope this information will be useful. Yeah!

How to create successful videos for your school