In a renowned public school in Manizales, I found an aberrant workshop on autoerotism (masturbation) – Tintiando

This story is not a story, it is a personal experience lived as a Manizales Councilman.

One day a parent came to my office concerned about the workshop they were applying for boys and girls from the sixth grade at their school; a workshop that if we analyze it only by the title, it would not generate so much concern; but when a parent carefully reads each point of the “Sexuality and civic competences” workshop, he quickly goes from calm to anguish, the reason, knowing the degree of perversity to which children are exposed inside the classroom.

The father of the family who gave me the workshop, before leaving the office, recommended that I please do something so that his daughter would not receive this workshop.

I went to the school where it was being implemented; They placed me in an office waiting for the teacher in charge to arrive. When they greeted us, I introduced myself as a councilor and the father of a sixth-grade student. When I showed him the workshop, I specifically asked him about point 5, which said: “The right to sexual pleasure: autoeroticism (masturbation) as a source of physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual well-being”, I told her to explain to me how the daughter of a Catholic family, who was only in sixth grade, would find spiritual well-being by masturbating; The teacher’s response was forceful and was based on the fact that the first thing I had to do in order to understand his workshop was to remove God from the conversation. He then told me that since he supposed that God was no longer involved in the conversation, he would pass to explain to me that the spirit, from a scientific point of view, is the state of relaxation of the body; in the workshop a girl is told to masturbate and she will remain calm and relaxed; the exercise is the same for children, the teacher replied.

The foregoing, apart from being irregular, is worrying, this led me to file a formal complaint with the Secretaries of Education and Health, an explanation that concluded that based on the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education, the teacher did not commit any fault, since It would be the parents who would approve or not this workshop; The foregoing marks the relevance that the role of the father of the family has in the integral formation of his children.

With deep sadness, but with the aim of making us aware of these issues, I share this example of indoctrination of our children and young people in the classroom, indoctrination that surely continues to be presented in different educational establishments in the city, with teachings that only They are possible by distancing the father of the family in the process of raising their children.

It is at this point that our +faith citizen movement proposes to clearly include the concept of God in the learning of children and young people; through empowered parents and channeling it through the parent associations in each school, this is urgent, necessary and fundamental, even more so when the constitution, the Law and the international treaties on Human Rights allow it: “American Convention on Human Rights Human: Article 12: Parents have the right that their children receive a religious and moral education that is in accordance with their own convictions”.

Defining the concept of God in the school is not only due to the religious component, it is fundamental because it is transversal to the academic objective in different areas; even more so because of the perversity found in certain guidelines that the Ministry of Education wants to impose, guidelines that become a breeding ground for the distortion in which many teachers live.

Our +faith movement, which will present a candidate for mayor of Manizales by signatures, is committed to defending the concept of God in the city’s schools, according to the convictions of the parents.

* By: Jorge Alberto Betancurt Raigoza – Former councilor of Manizales and coordinator of the +fe citizen movement.


In a renowned public school in Manizales, I found an aberrant workshop on autoerotism (masturbation) – Tintiando