In Brandivy, Héléna, 3 years old, will not go to school right away

Vincent and Liza with Héléna and little Noah. ©Gilles QUEFFELEC

Helena is 3 years old. She should have performed her very first Back to School in this month of September, in kindergarten, in his town in Brandivy (Morbihan). And yet she is stayed at homewell surrounded by her parents, Lizia Le Ray and Vincent Hérisson.

The couple has indeed requested the National Education Inspectorate to home school. A carefully considered choice based on what they consider to be “a life project”.

“It’s a life project”

In fact, we have nothing against the school institution. We don’t have the skills of a teacher and we’re not going to teach him to read or write. Or maybe a little. But we didn’t want to put Héléna in school so quickly.

Lizia, bank advisor

The little girl does not suffer from any handicap, nor from any peculiarity whatsoever. “No, we just want her to be able to go at your own pace. For example, she is not clean yet. At school, among about thirty children, the teachers will have no choice but to force her a little”.

It must be said that in the family of the couple, other members have already tried the experience. Lizia and Vincent have therefore protected themselves with multiple advice.

Just for two years

Because their life Project is not homeschooling all the time. “We just asked authorization for 2 years. Afterwards, she can go back to the big section.

The couple also set up their timetable. Lizia, who has just given birth to a baby boy (a month and a half) will return to work part-time in November. Vincent, a self-employed roofer, will one day allow himself to be by Héléna’s side. “And for her socialization, she will go to the nanny for a day to live with other children”.

Both have also decided to rely on the Montessori pedagogy “which takes more into account the rhythm of the child “. It is this main reason that the couple gave to the Inspection to have this authorization.

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A more drastic law

Entering into force on September 1, 2022, the new law on home education now requires parents to obtain authorization from the school inspectorate to homeschool their child.
The procedure is therefore much more drastic now and the reasons more limited.
You can create a file:
– The child’s state of health or disability;
– The practice of intensive sports or artistic activities;
– The homelessness of the family in France or the geographical distance from any public school;
– The existence of a situation specific to the child motivating the educational project.
In addition, the law provided for a transitional regime for children already educated in the family before the entry into force of the new system.

Refusal then appeal

“In fact, at first, it was refused to us. Without really any explanation. Lizia then turned to an association “freedom education” in order to file a (more legal) appeal which enabled him to obtain validation of his file.

Because the law has changed regarding home education (read in box). More drastically, it is decried by certain groups of parents who consider that this is an attack on this freedom to choose.

Lizia and Vincent will be able to see their little Héléna grow up. “It’s also a way for both of us who work to enjoy our child more.” A choice which, if it proves effective, will be renewed for little Noah when he is old enough to go to school.

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In Brandivy, Héléna, 3 years old, will not go to school right away