IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. At the school of living together

In 2019, at Mont-Dore, the public kindergarten of the Dauphins and the private school of Saint-Louis began an exchange project with an educational, cultural and societal dimension. New episode this Friday evening, at Vallon-Dore, through a sound and light show, the presentation of an Oceanian court and an ardent plea for living it together.

A proactive educational community. Directors, teaching and technical staff, institutions, artists, students, families, friends, acquaintances… the evening which took place on Friday November 18, near the Vallon-Dore pontoon, required a lot of energy. Three years after the rapprochement between Les Dauphins and the Catholic school of Saint-Louis, the intercultural exchange intended to bring together New Caledonian children from all walks of life continues, at Mont-Dore.

Each kindergarten class is steeped in a culture.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

This time, the small kindergarten by the sea won both the participatory budget “My idea for my province” and the call for projects “Oceanian School”. More than end-of-year dances, the establishment has simply developed a sound and light show, to which choreographer Richard Digoué has largely contributed. The first journeys and past exchanges between communities served as a common thread to unfold dances and songs served by elaborate outfits, adult dancers and musicians.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Dancer design November 19, 2022

A staging by Richard Digoué.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

At the same time, the students produced a giant fresco to highlight living together. Designed by visual artist Mariana Moltini, it covers a wall in the canteen at the entrance to the school.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Fresco design November 19, 2022

The fresco was designed by Mariana Molteni.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

Further on, the structure of a Kanak hut even appeared. It was erected by people from Touaourou, in Yaté, echoing the second part of this exchange project. The doorframes were made by a sculptor from Saint-Louis, Kenji. And the posts by Christian Naré, from La Foa. The spirit of this Oceanian court, which also won plots to cultivate together? “Building a school that looks like our children”.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Case design November 18, 2022

The hut erected in the Cour des Dauphins.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

On the green space near the kindergarten, the evening began with a customary gesture. A custom very present during the show since each class ended its performance with a present. In the public, several hundred people and not only the families of the children, but also guests and curious people. With as guests of honor the private schools of Mont-Dore – that of Saint-Louis and its older sister of Cluny Conception.

Dolphins Project / St Louis / Public Design November 19, 2022

On the public side, on mats and under umbrellas.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

“We only have one country for each other, it’s the Earth”, pleaded the director of the two Catholic schools, Isabelle Stentz. The director of the Dolphins then had a strong formula. “The message is to apologize to the youth, with whom we missed something”, essentially launched Manuela Quirici. The driving force behind this long-term approach, she called for all possible forces to be deployed to “Turn the situation around” and make living together between young Caledonians a reality.

Dolphins Project / St Louis / Design little dancers Vanuatu November 19, 2022

Vanuatu style.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

Then the performances of the classes followed one another, first in the rain. Snapshots of Kanak culture. Ni Vanuatu.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Design little wallis dancers November 18, 2022

The Wallisian and Futunian sequence.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

Wallisian and Futunian.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Design little dancers Tahiti November 19, 2022

In the “mana” of Polynesian culture.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st


Dolphins Project / St Louis / Design dancers stockmen November 19, 2022

A nod to European pioneers and stockmen.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st


Dolphins Project / St Louis / Design Indonesian dancers November 18, 2022

Indonesian parenthesis.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st


Dolphins Project / St Louis / Design angklung November 18, 2022

On the side of the small Indonesian angklung players.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st


Dolphins project / St Louis / Design little West Indian dancers November 18, 2022

Creole eclipse.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

The children of Saint-Louis participated.

Dolphins Project / St Louis / Design November 18, 2022

Performance by Saint-Louis schoolchildren.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

As well as schoolchildren from La Conception through the very emblematic Drums for Peace.

Dolphins project / St Louis / Peace drum design November 18, 2022

Drums for Peace with students from Cluny Conception.

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

And this time it was not a common pilou that concluded the event, but the song Caravan from Stan and Yanita:

In final song, “La Caravane”

©Françoise Tromeur / NC the 1st

The 2022 school year is not over and 2023 already promises other emotions. This time, the multicultural exchange should include the island of Maré. As a preamble, a delegation of college students so nengone will be welcomed at Mont-Dore next week.

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. At the school of living together – New Caledonia the 1st