jm | A new school in Grand Langres

Outlook 3/7. The start of the school year in September 2023 will see the opening of a new school in Grand Langres. The Neuilly-l’Evêque school group will welcome some 170 children from kindergarten to primary school after an investment of nearly six million euros including tax.

This is Grand Langres’ main investment for the coming year. The construction of a new school has this very symbolic character that we invest for the future, for our children and for the development of a municipality, a territory. The school complex of Neuilly-l’Evêque, aging, will be rebuilt. This project dates since it had been imagined by the municipality of Neuilly-l’Evêque and taken over by the Grand Langres which now has the school competence.

The school of Neuilly l’Evêque used the technique of the green roof terrace.

launched at the start of 2022, work is progressing rapidly. Three buildings were destroyed to be rebuilt. A fourth has been kept and will house the future kindergarten. The main idea was to keep the initial alignment in the rue de l’Est. The new buildings for the kindergarten, catering and sanitary facilities have all been erected. The roofs are in place, the interior and exterior insulation is installed and the joinery is in place.

The speed of execution is surprising. This is due to the choice of the architectural firm to have opted for a timber frame construction. Once the foundations are in place, the particleboard panels are raised and connected together. Insulation comes next. On the nursery side, the ceilings are now in place. Gallissot is now about to complete the primary part.

A school that will evolve

The future establishment will be fully anchored in the new environmental standards. Heat pump, construction of wooden frame buildings, green roof terrace, but also planting of trees, a particular effort has been made in this direction.

The Neuilly school has been sized to accommodate up to 250 children, divided into four classes in kindergarten and five in primary. There are just under 170 school children from Neuilly-l’Evêque but also from Andilly, Bonnecourt, Celles-en-Bassigny, Changey, Charmes, Dampierre, Marcilly, Poiseul, Plesnoy, Orbigny-au-Mont and Orbigny-au-Val.

It is likely that Grand Langres will have to review the school map in order to promote optimal functioning of this new school group. This revision of the school map which we have been talking about since the mandate of Marie-José Ruel has never been addressed in substance. And yet, it will be necessary that the elected officials face the facts. We cannot invest nearly 6 million euros including tax in new equipment without mentioning the demographic evolution…


jm | A new school in Grand Langres