jm | Sylvain Thiebaut, 30 years in the service of music in the town

After 30 years as conductor and musical director of the Municipal Harmony as well as director of the Pays du Der Music School and trumpet teacher, Sylvain Thiebaut is moving on to other projects.

He will succeed Alain Thiery as director of the School of Music in Rosières-près-de-Troyes. This decision was very difficult to make because not only did he leave a job but also friends, his family of musicians from Montier. However, such an opportunity will surely not present itself soon and will allow him to work a kilometer from home, thus avoiding long journeys and sparing his back weakened by years of posture as a conductor.

In 1993, Bruno Munoz, who directed the harmony of Montier-en-Der, left for that of Arcis-sur-Aube. At the time, Sylvain Thiebaut was only 21 years old and with a lot of nerve, he proposed his candidacy. The municipality trusted him and he was hired as director of the municipal harmony which then had two main vocations, the learning of music and the dissemination of it. By taking over the management of the music school, Sylvain Thiebaut wanted to readapt an American method to a French school. He was then the precursor of this method in the region. He based the pedagogy on the orchestra, removing the first year of musical initiation (music theory) which was done before touching an instrument to replace it with precisely lessons of instruments and orchestras. As a result, he put three in place depending on the level. The goal is then for students to join the municipal harmony, providing it with “fresh blood” regularly. Today, this method is increasingly followed by French music schools because it is much more attractive for young children.

Sylvain Thiebaut also worked on opening up the harmony and the music school to the outside world. The musicians leave their premises during action in schools, the retirement home, the Lucy-Lebon foundation. They intervene during particular events. The school orchestras also play in the first part during the concerts of the harmony. These actions make it possible to bring the music to an audience that would otherwise not necessarily have access to this style.

Sylvain Thiebaut and his educational team have also proposed projects involving outside artists.

In 2006, the Pays du Der music course was established. During the last three sessions, 130 students from all over the region and sometimes from much further afield have registered.

From now on, Arnaud Leseur will take over the management of the Municipal Harmony.

As for the Pays du Der music school, it will be attached to the musical education center of the Saint-Dizier, Der and Blaise urban community (CASDDB) but will retain its own identity and the teaching methods put in place. installed by Sylvain Thiebaut. Arnaud Leseur will be the coordinator and referent.

Anatole Jenson will be in charge of the direction of all the orchestras of the music school as well as all the trumpet lessons.

It is a great gentleman of Dervoise music who is leaving. His departure will leave a great void and everyone will regret it.

jm | Sylvain Thiebaut, 30 years in the service of music in the town