Kaladich: Pope Francis invites private Catholic schools not to give up

“The Pope has left us a message of great hope, asking us to always be at the service of others – said National President Virginia Kaladich in her opening speech at the 77th FIDAE National Assembly which opened this morning with the audience in the Vatican by Pope Francis

“The crisis is bringing an entire country to its knees and our schools are also starting to feel the effects of it, which is why it is essential that school equality is truly effective. I told Pope Francis today that the situation of Catholic equality is difficult and he replied that we must not give up, we must continue to fight until there is true equality in Italy too. The new government has responded positively to our request to stabilize the contribution of 70 million euros reserved for pupils with disabilities – continued Kaladich – and it is a first small step that gives us hope for the future”. The Assembly was opened by the Secretary General of the CEI, Mons. Giuseppe Baturi, who expressed satisfaction with the first signs of openness of the new Government and then dwelt on the importance, in addition to political interlocution, “that Catholic schools should be bearers of a true culture of freedom of choice, a fundamental principle which is at the basis of the growth of every citizen. The strength of our schools is not so much to train, which is a verb that almost comes close to forging and seems like a constraint: instead we need to be able to extract from each student what is right for him, the seed that God has planted in him and to do this we cannot ignore the relationship with families, because it is in the family that early education takes place and therefore everything we can do to make a conjugal relationship live in a coherent and serene way we will have done it to the children.

During the first session, Prof. Andrea Paolo Perrone also spoke and explained what are the costs/benefits for an equal school that is considering joining the new Single National Register of the Third Sector: “It is an expense that can only be faced by institutions of a certain size – said Perrone – and therefore, in the case of a single school, it is not convenient and it is more appropriate for several schools to get together to divide the expenses and, however, access the benefits that the Third Sector Reform provides”. At the end of Professor Perrone’s speech, Father Vitangelo Denora, a member of the Fidae National Council, spoke and announced the Federation’s willingness to join RUNTS and therefore to bear the costs envisaged for the benefit of the associated schools, which will be able thus take advantage of the benefits provided by the new standard.

During the afternoon, Prof. Ernesto Diaco, director of the National Office for Education, Schools and Universities of the CEI, who wanted to update the assembly on the latest activities of the Italian Church regarding educational issues, in particular by relaunching the Guidelines for the Protection of minors in Catholic schools, presented a few days ago, a document to which the work that FIDAE has been carrying out for years has also contributed.

The work of the assembly will continue tomorrow 24 and Friday 25 November and can be followed online on the Federation’s youtube channel

Kaladich: Pope Francis invites private Catholic schools not to give up – Orizzonte Scuola