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Monday December 26, 2022

The Colegio San José Obrero, a Neuquén institution with a history of more than 50 years in the training of young people in different trades, is getting closer to incorporating a bakery workshop, based on a contribution made by the Provincial Legislature, which which will allow him to train his students in this specialty, in addition to obtaining bread for his own consumption and also to be able to sell it to the public at a “social price”.

Lieutenant Governor Marcos Koopmann supervised the progress of the work and the installation of the machinery, with the expectation that it could be inaugurated in March, when the 2023 school year begins, beginning with the first training sessions that will be carried out in conjunction with the Union of Bakers.

“Training in trades is essential for our young people to improve their employability conditions and that is why it is a great satisfaction to be able to be working as a team with the Colegio San José Obrero, one of the historical institutions of our province in terms of training and formation of students, and also with the Bakers Union”, said the lieutenant governor.

Koopmann recalled that during this year 2021 the so-called Youth Employment Law was enacted, which grants tax benefits to companies that incorporate boys and girls between the ages of 18 and 35, as well as to those young people who start their own businesses.

“The final text of that law, which was originally presented by Governor Omar Gutiérrez, was the result of an articulated task with unions, business chambers, youth, and different political blocs. Everyone made their contributions, and we were able to reach agreements to improve it with the aim of facilitating young people’s access to the world of work”, said the lieutenant governor.

For his part, the director of the San José Obrero School, Gastón Maina, highlighted the accompaniment of the Legislature and recalled that “this project arose at the beginning of 2022, initially due to the need we had to have bread for our children and that better than they can do it themselves. Based on this idea, we approached the Bakers Union, which quickly joined because they also need specialized labor”.

“Then we presented the project to the Legislature in order to obtain the resources and Marcos quickly decided to join us. This allowed us to start the work in the middle of the year and we plan to inaugurate the workshop between February and March 2023”, said Maina, who also highlighted the collaboration of private companies. The Legislature made a contribution of 5.5 million pesos, which is complemented by another 1.5 million made by Pan American Energy.

“In this way, with the workshop already underway, we will not only be able to have bread for our students, but we will also be able to train them in this trade and we will also set up a place of sale “at a social price” for the community” said the manager.

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Koopmann supervised the construction of the new bakery workshop at Colegio San José Obrero | Neuquén Instantly | Digital Journalism in Patagonia