Lagnasco, a “new” school is ready for the start of the 2022/23 school year

Lagnasco. The bell that will ring tomorrow morning at the Primary School of Lagnasco will be new, as will the technological systems, lighting, heating, data network, anti-theft systems, even if what is really important is that the new systems have been wired and built in a structure that is now anti-seismic.

A construction site carried out with competence and professionalism, in full compliance with the deadlines: 170 days from that beginning of April in which primary school pupils were transferred for the last months of the last school year to the nursery school, partly in the former ” house of the nuns ”and partly in prefabricated structures specially prepared in the courtyard of the kindergarten.

The final details to make the premises intended to host, from Monday 12 September, the 58 pupils attending Primary, accessible and functional, were completed on Friday, just as a group of volunteers, composed of administrators, municipal employees and members of the local group of Civil Protection, they moved the furnishings from the previous provisional allocation to the renovated premises.

As anticipated in a message conveyed by the municipal administration to all parents, “Understanding is required for the first weeks of attendance, in which some details will still have to be fine-tuned, such as the wi-fi network and interactive whiteboards, and some rooms will not yet be able to be used, such as the computer room and the of music”.

“What matters most is that the children can now take advantage of the new and efficient school structure and in full collaboration with the manager and the teachers, as already done for the temporary placement last spring, there will be a way to work together to return to little time to full operation. A special thanks goes to all the workers who worked on the construction site and to all the technological companies that have collaborated with Fantino Costruzioni of Cuneo, to the Director of Works and to the Municipal Technical Office.“.

The anti-seismic adaptation on the structure consisted in the construction of new reinforced concrete curbs suitably connected to the masonry through the insertion of threaded bars and incorporating the existing struts with metal brackets, the reinforcement of the masonry partitions placed inside and outside of the main building, through the application of electro-welded meshes with structural plaster with detachment and cleaning of the surfaces. The side building for the toilets was demolished and rebuilt and the internal architectural barriers to access it were demolished; instead, the works to incorporate the lower courtyard building into the main building are nearing completion.

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, the entire electrical system was adapted, no longer meeting the minimum legal requirements, the internet wired in all the rooms and the heating plant replaced.

The intervention was fully financed with € 636,494 obtained by the Municipality of Lagnasco as part of the European Union-NextGenerationEU funding, merged into the PNRR, through the Ministry of Education which divided the total amount of 500 million euros for school building interventions, allocating 34 million euros to Piedmont.

In the field of school services, the Municipal Administration, with the fundamental collaboration of the “Asilo Infantile Tapparelli d’Azeglio” association, has already prepared the start of the school canteen (which will be active from the first scheduled afternoon return) and after-school activities. , active from 3 October; both services will take place on the premises of the Kindergarten.

Lagnasco, a “new” school is ready for the start of the 2022/23 school year – Cuneo24